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One Shot In Concord Home Sunday

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A Concord man was shot and wounded by an assailant, possibly known to the victim, who entered the victim’s home on Woodland Drive and opened fire Sunday night.

The shooting was reported at approximately 6:36 p.m.


  1. That’s not what happened at all.. the person shot beat the hell out of his roommate which is a woman and one of her friends happened to be there and the guy that was shot happened to return later still acting like a crazy person and one thing led to another. The guy shot is fine at home he was released a couple hours after being shot and the one who shot him is in jail.

    • And there you have it folks – three days after the fact and straight from that irrefutable witness: Anonymous

    • What a crock of shit. It’s all ridiculous. It’s all bullshit. The “woman” roommate did not get the shit beat out of her because I saw her and she looked fine to me. It’s all exaggeration because someone got “really” hurt shot with a gun for no reason. There was arguing and someone got shot . Totally uncalled for. You don’t shoot someone because you just feel like it dumb ass idiots. You shoot someone if it’s life or death. The guy was shot I’m the ass, I believe that would mean he had his back to the shooter, the shooter is a pussy. If he was afraid for the woman why didn’t he call the police? He wanted to be “cool” or who knows maybe the pussy was jealous but he didn’t give a shit about throwing his life away with an attempted murder charge. What’s scary is that people are so god damn dumb that they will use a gun when it’s not a life or death situation. Stupid. I hope they throw the book at him. If I were the residents of the house I’d kick the “woman” roommate the hell up out on her behind as I’m kickin it one last time, on a real note don’t we think it’s time to start having sone respect for our neighbors and ourselves. It’s quiet time. If you want to act like fucken coyotes go live in the wilderness somewhere. And to all the neighbors that want to keep on talking shit about the house on woodland and the house on glacier drive, QUIT TALKING ABOUT IT AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! It’s a wrap! Peace out! ✌️

      P.S, Glad the guy who got shot is okay and got to go home a few hours later but it’s a shame he had to go through all that bullshit to be able to come back into his “own” home.

      P.S.S. To all the innocent bystanders who have been emotionally affected by this situation I hope that you’re able to move on sooner than later. Trauma is no jike. I personally had a breakdown after this incident, felt like I aged 10 years. It’s not just the people at the place where something takes place that are effected, there’s a trickle down effect. I want to keep talking because I’m upset and angry about this situation. Punk ass little bitches. I hope you’re happy. Karma is a bitch. Thank you I’ll stop talking now.

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