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Santa’s Elves Revert To Plan B After Broadway Plaza Camera Theft


The lineup of parents and kids waiting for a picture with Santa in Walnut Creek’s Broadway Plaza was a little tense Saturday after thieves made off with Santa’s camera and cash. The wait for a family photo with the jolly fellow was extended as helpers sent away for a replacement camera.

Workers and patrons at the popular Holiday photo workshop expressed anger and frustration as news began to spread down the line of waiting families.

“Must have happened right before we got there because the Santa helper said they showed up at 9:30 (am) and the door had been kicked in with the money and camera taken,” one miffed parent reported to NEWS24/680. “Our appointment was first at 10am and we thought it was weird the line was so long and not moving so they finally came out and said they had been robbed right before we got there.”

Parents and kids could be seen improvising as they took their own photos around the mall but “there were lots of confused and disappointed kids,” parents and a NEWS24/680 photographer reported.

“We told them that very bad people came and were on Santa’s naughty list,” one mother reported.

A back-up camera was being fetched from another nearby workshop and the Holiday photo session was expected to resume by noon. Mall security arrived to take a report on the theft.


  1. We were the first people in line at 9:30AM. The door was open but we thought they were getting setup inside. The lone elf and Santa did not arrive until 10:05- they supposedly open at 10. Had they actually arrived at 9:30 as she purports they could have mitigated this disaster. It took them until 10:30 to publicly tell everyone in line what happened, so for 25 minutes we just kept waiting.

    Then when they finally came clean about the burglary, we asked if we could just use our cell phones. NOPE, no personal photography. I wouldn’t say we left mad, but whoever runs the operation most certainly left the Santa and the lone elf running the operation with no contingency and LOT of parents with young children waiting for Santa.

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