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It’s Friday. We Knew We’d Make It…

"The Kid" - pounding out the words.

The weekend looms and Christmas and Holiday preparations are being made. We’re drawing up our Naughty or Nice List and, so far, things are looking pretty swell. We happen to like this time of year a lot and people seem to be behaving themselves for the most part, aside from some minor transgressions.

Quite a bit happening on the national news scene but we get lashed for mentioning things like Sandra Day O’Connor’s passing or George Santos’ expulsion from Congress (“Stay in your lane…” “If I wanted to know about that stuff I’d subscribe to the NYTimes” “You’re a LOCAL news service…” etc.) so we’ll refrain from mentioning the passing of an influential Supreme Court Justice and congressional expulsion of a charlatan member.

We’ll stay focused on our allotted ground and draw up our seat at the old hardware store pickle barrel to see what the neighbors have to say – and that’s quite a lot, it appears, until it’s time to go on the record and then memories falter and formerly talkative, very opinionated townsfolk suddenly go all mumbly and mute. Why is that? Just a small town thing, we guess.

So we decorate the bunker, put up the stockings under the mantle, hoist a nog to those who have left us and look for a news story – the best present our merry band of News Elves can ask for. Got one?


  1. >>…seat at the old hardware store pickle barrel…<<
    That's funny! No "old" hardware stores left around here.
    Piedmont Lumber and Hardware burned down over a decade ago, Kelleway went belly up 30 years ago and Crystal Pool Hardware about 50 years ago.

    • Well, we appreciate your getting the reference. We tend to live in the past a little – and refer to it often – while moving steadily into the future!

      See you down at the ice cream parlor for a good Old Fashioned Banana Split…

  2. Boy, boy, crazy boy!
    Stay loose, boy!
    Breeze it, buzz it, easy does it.
    Turn off the juice, boy!
    Go man, go,
    But not like a yo-yo schoolboy.
    Just play it cool, boy,
    Real cool!

    Let the news boys sleep good tonight.

  3. O’Connor knew hard work. Grew up ranching. High honors at law school. Offered a secretarial job at a law firm, strictly gender-based. Who better to represent women and women’s struggles for equality. She gets my gold star, my love.

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