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Crew Of 10 Suspected Jewel Thieves Deterred By Sun Valley Mall Security Tuesday

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A crew of 10 hammer-wielding thieves entered the Sun Valley Mall in Concord and reportedly approached at least one mall jewelry store before they were turned away by mall security.

The group, believed to be comprised of young males wearing ski masks, hoodies, and gloves entered the mall shortly before 1 p.m. Tuesday, arriving in five cars.

The crew was reportedly carrying sledge hammers and other heavy tools used by groups of thieves to smash their way into jewelry cases in the past. They were chased from the mall by security personnel and fled in the cars they’d arrived in.

No one was hurt, no store was breached and there were no arrests.


      • Well you have to catch them and arrest them first, Greg. Don’t believe the nonsense out there that “no one goes to jail anymore” because it’s BS.

  1. The younger generation clearly got the message that carpooling to work can curtail climate change: 10 people arrived in 5 cars.

    We could all learn a lesson from these precocious environmental crusaders.

    • That may be the dumbest analogy I’ve ever seen. I guess the education level took a nose dive in Moraga. Or you’re just old and bitter.

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