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Danville Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Burglaries In Moraga, Danville

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Moraga Police have arrested a Danville man in connection with a series of residential burglaries plaguing the neighborhood near the Moraga Country Club.

Golf clubs and golf equipment were being stolen, investigators said.

Officers were able to locate video evidence of the suspect and his vehicle near the time of one of the burglaries, according to police, and were able to identify the suspect as Trevor Hudson, 25, of Danville.

Hudson was arrested on November 18 with police allegedly finding some of the stolen property from some of the burglaries at the scene.

Hudson is believed behind at least 12 burglaries in Moraga and 2 burglaries in Danville, according to police.

Moraga Police Chief Jon King praised the efforts of his officers and counterparts in Danville in helping to solve the burglaries.

“These crimes were solved due to the efforts and tenacity of our officers and our counterparts in Danville,” Kind said. “It was definitely a team effort…the different officers who took the reports, connected them together, scoured the area for video evidence, arrested the suspect and recovered the property. I appreciate the hard work of our Moraga Police team who worked to solve these cases, arrest the suspect and recover the property stolen in these crimes.”

The investigation into the case is ongoing. Anyone with information about the crimes is asked to contact Detective Craig Walker at 925-888-7056.


  1. When facing down marauding Danvillians it’s every man and woman to the barricades!
    Wait. He was alone? Well we have police for that.

  2. This is the little punk that stole a package from my porch back in July. SRPD grabbed him in the wee hours and returned everyone’s packages. Apparently he never learned from that experience.

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