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Fight Clears Walnut Creek Cheesecake Factory Monday; Injuries Reported


Patrons hurriedly exited the Walnut Creek Cheesecake Factory, 1181 Locust Street, after a brawl apparently involving several women broke out – injuring at least one patron and leading to the detention of several others.

A sizable response by Walnut Creek police was seen after multiple callers reported a group of between four and six women fighting inside the restaurant, with some patrons reporting a group of about 20 people – male and female – eventually involved in a physical altercation.

It was not immediately known what started the incident, reported at 9:33 p.m., though a woman with a child was seen receiving treatment outside the restaurant.


  1. Alas, a poor start to the Thanksgiving week. Will await further details, if/when available. Reporting is in early stages, so was should keep our collective powder dry prior to reaching any conclusions. I would like to know at some point if any of the principals were identified and dealt with be responding LEOs. Regardless, this is yet another incident that casts “The Creek” in a bad light. Unfavorable optics indeed.

  2. The slow decline of downtown Walnut Creek is hard to watch. When my wife and I moved here 12 years ago we loved going downtown and hanging out. We haven’t done that for two years now. I hate to think of what it’ll be like in another 12 years. A ghost town?

    • Sorry to say, but we actually stay away from Walnut Creek at night time too.. There’s been a change of characters types that now hang around Walnut Creek.

  3. Trashy behavior just seems so prevalent these days. It’s almost as if the green light for bad manners and rudeness has been given and everyone thinks it’s ok.

    • I’m really sorry to say this but violent behavior was called for by the former president beginning with his pre-election rallies in 2015. “Punch him in the face, I’ll pay your legal fees.” He became more emboldened once he was elected and now his rhetoric is alarming as is the behavior of representatives and senators. Their behavior is accepted as the norm with fisticuffs rather than words is the initial reaction to disagreements.

      • Always someone that wants to blame Trump for most anything. There are of course many examples of bad words that have been spewed by politicians of both parties. If you are so weak of character that you would act violently based on the words of anyone you have deep problems.

      • So, I want to be sure I understand you. A fight that occurred in Walnut Creek in November of 2023, is Trumps fault? You’re partially correct. Elections do indeed have consequences.

      • And you think the current administration is better now? They have gone out of their way to create racism that is disrupting the entire nation.

      • …..oh puhleeeze!!!!….I am not a trumpist, but libtard demos blaming everything on him is so f’ing absurd….check out Billy Joel’s “We didnt start the fire”……..phhhhhphhhht…….

  4. I’ve think I’ve seen some of these women dining at the Cheesecake factory and I would not want to get between them and desert.

  5. Ban these individuals from our city and the two armed robbers last week. Or are we going to let it look like Oakland and shut businesses down?

  6. Dear Editor……please post these comments.

    Yee haw…..WC now attracts a hard crowd from out of town, you are no longer safe in WC. And, certain elected officials are more inclined to give the tough crowd a pass on their deeds. Always be prepared and observant of the individuals and situations you find yourself in.

    Me, I am HR218……..look it up.

    Firestone 11R

    • Why?

      Walnut Creek has churned out many generations of knucklehead brawlers. Nuevo riche parents out there are too busy straining to make the mortgage and don’t supervise their kids.

      This is the result.

      • “Walnut Creek has churned out many generations of knucklehead brawlers.”

        You have a typo. You meant to say Concord or Antioch…and I’m going to bet $10 at least one of these classless beasts was from there.

  7. All the references to “out of town” and “Oakland” makes me think that you “guys”are suggesting that our african american friends are involved. Don’t you have the guts to say it directly? Doesn’t the news media have the responsibility to report the news accurately?
    Isn’t the nature of the crime and the facts regarding the participants key to understanding the problem and coming to a solution? (Or has the EDI team not retrained me sufficiently yet?)

  8. Ah, another report of public misbehavior and the inevitable claims of the “good old days” when things like that didn’t happen. I sure wish I had had the fortune to live in those perpetually peaceful times without crimes.

    • I wish you had too. It really was wonderful. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s in Richmond, Ca.
      It really was amazing, neighbors knew each other, life was simpler and people weren’t as stressed trying to acquire stuff. Young people actually earned money by babysitting and mowing lawns! Most of us were raised by the “Greatest Generation” with respect, manners and gratitude. Further, we were disciplined, big time for bad behavior! Going to a restaurant was such a treat. If we had problems or disagreements we used our words to work things out. Generally, we did not choose to brawl and fight, hurting each other.

      However, we had crime, we had drugs, and we had people that chose to be selfish, greedy and lazy. But my opinion is that was not the norm. Sadly, you may never know what some of these things are like. If you had experienced them, you’d want those things back.

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