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Police Investigating Convoluted “Proxy Robbery” Kidnap In San Ramon Saturday


UPDATE: Provided Nov. 21 by San Ramon PD
“After further investigation, it appears the suspects approached the victim to commit a fake jewelry scam. Based on a language barrier, the victim believed something more nefarious was going on, so he went to the banks to withdraw money. There were no apparent threats or weapons were seen/used during the encounter.

The investigation is still ongoing.”

Police in San Ramon are attempting to untangle a complicated case in which a delivery driver was allegedly kidnapped, driven to a secondary location and then forced to withdraw money from a bank in Dublin.

San Ramon police said the incident kicked off at roughly 4 pm, an unknown suspect tapping the bumper of a delivery driver’s van and confronting the driver when the victim pulled over.

Police said the male suspect got into the victim’s van and forced him to drive to a local bank and withdraw funds from an ATM. The amount of money withdrawn was not given.

The victim and suspect then drove to another bank in Dublin in the suspect’s vehicle (no description available) but were unsuccessful in withdrawing any additional money. After the suspect fled, the victim called his supervisor, who then called the police.

Dublin PD are working with San Ramon investigators with the initial response and “are moving forward on the investigation.”

Investigators are currently reviewing all available video footage, including footage from San Ramon’s citywide camera network to identify suspect vehicle and develop investigative leads.

Police were further tested Saturday afternoon when, busy investigating the purported kidnapping, a trio of shoplifters allegedly made off with a large amount of goods from the Ulta store, pushing past employees on their way out of the store.


  1. I bet you, just bet you, that the criminals in this case were probably out on parole / warrants for other crimes- but are out free running around among us still applying their trade.

  2. Aggravated kidnapping is some serious time, could be life in prison…and for what, maybe $500 from an ATM machine? Crazy.

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