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Welcome To Friday! We’re Off And Running…


What a night and early morning. We’re exhausted and hitting the coffeemaker.

Burglars doing what they do and coming in through the back door in Walnut Creek and then a high-rise fire alarm call that shut down N. Main Street in the city while The Fire People evacced residents and eventually tracked the source of some smoke to a neglected cookpot or something equally inoffensive.

Legging Out (Note: That’s journo talk for chasing down) stories and tips. Flurry of bomb threat calls to local schools again, apparently, and other things happening with a possible, pending air ambulance extraction after a nasty crash in Orinda.

We’re up and running hard. Stay in touch. Keep those cards, letters, tips coming in!


    • Flashers reported apparent auto theft/burg abandoned at a local park. PD pounced on that one – returned to owner. Residential burglary investigated on Rudgear Drive with that trademark “rear-door” method used, we believe.

    • Unfortunately, yes. Starting to take on the appearance of those SWATTING calls were were getting so many off a couple of months back…

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