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Civil Enforcement Action Announced Against Martinez Refining Company

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From the Office of the District Attorney:

Martinez, California – Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Chief Counsel Alexander Crockett, today announced a joint civil enforcement action against the Martinez Refining Company (MRC).

This joint civil action will involve multiple agencies, including the Air District, Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Contra Costa County Health. These agencies have referred notices of violation and enforcement referrals against the Martinez Refining Company.

This will include enforcement claims stemming from a 2022 release that occurred during the Thanksgiving holiday, as well as additional enforcement claims. It is a collaborative effort to enforce the law and ensure public safety.

“The goal of this joint effort with the Air District is to achieve a resolution that ensures environmental compliance, and to rebuild and foster a safer community for the residents of Martinez,” District Attorney Becton said.

“We welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively with the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office as we take a comprehensive approach to ensure MRC’s compliance with all air quality regulations,” said Alexander Crockett, Chief Counsel of the Air District.

“This partnership combines our prosecutorial resources to help ensure we achieve the best possible results for the residents of Martinez.”


  1. BITD polluting the rivers and the air was free. Unfettered capitalism isn’t so grand when those costs, absorbing that spoiled water that foul air, are paid by everyone but the producer who ain’t from here. And laws are of no use if not enforced.

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