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Police Interrupt Burglary In Orinda Tuesday


Lamorinda police have apparently interrupted a burglary in progress in Orinda, with two suspects in custody and another at large.

One suspect was arrested after being Tased by police and captured in the 100 block of Moraga Way. He was ultimately identified as a 30-year-old parolee out of San Francisco.

A search for additional suspects was undertaken as more police arrived and a second suspect was found hiding under a shed – possibly a chicken coop – in the 100 block of Moraga Way.

There was a significant police presence on Lloyd Lane at Moraga Way, scene of the attempted burglary and resultant search, and traffic was severely impacted.

Orinda police ordered Glorietta Elementary School to go on lockdown due to the pursuit of a suspect(s) in the area, with that order lifted later in the afternoon.

Apparently a sharp-eyed Orinda police officer spotted a vehicle parked on Lloyd Lane and was running a computer check on the car when three men reportedly burst from the residence, at least one of them wearing a ski mask.

Reports that one of the suspects was armed could not be immediately confirmed.

Police managed to track, tase and arrest one man in the 100 block of Moraga Way – taking him into custody while putting out a call for help ultimately answered by police from all over the 24/680.


  1. Just another day in Dodge City, nowhere is “safe” at this point. Always be vigilant whether at home, shopping or work

    Firestone 11R

      • Considering how many law enforcement personnel there are in the Bay Area, this whole Dirty Harry, Tombstone, Dodge City tough guy shtick should be embarrassingly bad theater, and yet you play along. Let us all “always be vigilant”e, he posts. Yuck. Yuck.

        • … all with tongue planted firmly in cheek. It’s amusing to see who people think we’re “playing along with” on a daily basis – goose-steppers, Trumpists, leftists, rightists, often in the same day, and equally amusing to see how far off the mark people can be!

    • “nowhere is “safe” at this point”
      That is simple fear mongering from a bad horror flick. Instead, one should question the motive for such utter nonsense. We don’t live in your paranoid fantasy world.

  2. A busy Tuesday for local LEOs. Hoping 3rd suspect is apprehended soon and without further incident.
    24/680 continue to do what you do, keeping the local citizenry informed of the happenings in the neighborhood, whether it be good, bad or indifferent. Onward. Every stay safe and vigilant.

  3. I am always appreciative of our law enforcement officers! It seems the media and some in our society want to always tear them down and criticize them and magnify the very few bad ones. I love our L E O s! Thank you!
    ( can you imagine where we would be without them? )

  4. As crime escalates in our community, remember that owning a firearm can protect you and your family. Getting trained in firearm safety, how to properly fire a weapon and obtaining the FSC certification by the state of CA is a reasonable response to the rising threats in our formerly “safe” town.

    • As bot-style comments escalate in our community news sites, remember that critical thinking can protect you and your family. Getting versed in online literacy, how to properly parse news articles, and looking askance at the structure of this sentence are a reasonable response to consuming news in our currently safe town.

    • Does it? Does it escalate? Or does it ebb and flow with the light of the moon? I installed doorbell cameras on two doors. I see a lone skunk, raccoons, cats, an opossum, and me on the walkway at night now, but that’s not an escalation in wildlife, is it? 27 years here now, and no one has ever threatened me, not even the skunk.

  5. That’s one. Six weeks ago. No one disputes that crimes happen, and it’s really personal when it does.

    I grant you, the brazenness and violence of the crimes does seem extraordinary for these burbs. The trend is a bit mysterious to me though. So many police departments are compromised by decades of apparent incompetence and corruption that it is difficult to discern from the outside the hangover from past problems versus new problems. Will there be an end to the chaos of that any time soon? I don’t know. Some police departments are in self-inflicted crisis, and don’t forget that the prior DA was not John Q Law. He was a criminal. That doesn’t resolve overnight.

  6. I don’t know about all that but I have observed that several things are happening. Criminals are coming into once peaceful burbs looking for new opportunities. People in Oakland and surrounding cities are nearly overwhelmed by the theft and filth and drugs. No one has a safe anything. The general unease and disquiet over there is driving those people to shop over here, I don’t blame them. There even was an armed robbery at Bucannon airport. My wife tells me about very troubling incidents in stores and the post office. This situation is getting out of hand.

  7. We are very fortunate that we live in a time that is relatively safe. Most probably don’t know this but in pre Columbian times adults, world wide, had a one in three chance of being murdered, assuming that you survived the 20 to 50% infant mortality rate. I like todays odds.

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