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Affordable Housing: Busting the Myths – Walnut Creek Community Forum


Date(s) – 11/13/2023
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

City Hall


Civic Meeting
Informational Gathering

Do you ever wonder why Walnut Creek needs affordable housing? Are you curious about the real impacts of affordable housing? Can you describe affordable housing?

Join us on Monday, November 13 from 6-8pm to hear the answers to these questions and more. The panel presentation will include affordable and market-rate housing developers, service providers, local employers, and city leaders. Panelists will bring different perspectives to the discussion that will illuminate the true impacts of affordable housing and the challenges we face to build these structures.

This is a free public event sponsored by the Walnut Creek Homeless Task Force, WCHomelessTaskForce.org. The forum will be held in the Walnut Creek City Council Chambers, City Hall, 1666 North Main Street, First Floor, Walnut Creek, and via Zoom for attendees who wish to participate online.

Virtual attendees must RSVP to receive the Zoom link.

For more information about the Community Forum on Homelessness in Walnut Creek, visit www.WCHomelessTaskForce.org.


  1. Looking at this from the outside, way outside, it’s hard to believe that “affordable housing” is at the core of “homelessness” which seems to be more of an issue of untreated addiction and mental illness. I do wish for more “affordable housing”, but I imagine a different set of beneficiaries.

  2. California paid for a very large scale study on homelessness that was released this summer. It found a lack of affordable housing to be the biggest factor in homelessness.

  3. Affordable Housing is the biggest racket going – these are poverty pimp groups that make a fortune off of very, very expensive to build housing. Make no mistake, none of you off – spring will ever benefit for “affordable housing”

  4. “Busting the myths”? I don’t think so….grifters they are. There is some very good reporting on this by Susan Dyer Reynolds on this subject in nearby SF. I am surprised you are giving these grifters your platform to draw support.

    • Imagine being so deep in your own silo that you are unable to distinguish between an event posted to an events calendar and a platform giving its support to the poster.

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