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Busy Day For Police In Walnut Creek Friday


Friday has been busy for Walnut Creek police so far into their day, with a couple of different suspected robbery crews striking in different parts of town and others allegedly attempting to make off with what they could when they could.

One man suspected of a theft from the Target store and allegedly pushing a loss prevention employee on the way out of the store was arrested a short distance away at the BART station, finding himself buried under a mountain of blue before he was escorted out.

Two armed robberies were reported and two victims were treated for injuries suffered during commission of the crimes.

We were standing down and hoping for some quality Newsie-time but it doesn’t look like that’s going to be in the cards today.

Thanks to everyone who sent us tips and photos and the not-so-gentle prodding needed to get us up and out on the streets…


  1. What the heck is happening to Walnut Creek!
    We were headed there tonight, but because of these latest robberies, we’ve decided to go down to Danville instead.

    • Danville is nice. A bit further for us. Walnut Creek has a nice assortment of quality restaurants. Both are cities with plenty of people, it turns out.

  2. Seems to be more aggressive action taken against empoloyees and loss prevention people lately. Hoping no one gets hurt during these things. We’ve already lost some workers killed when dealing with shoplifters.

    • It’s amazing how those guns just walked themselves out there and started Robbin’ fools.
      You know who is doing this. I know who is doing this. They know who is doing this.
      You can thank XXX for nobody being willing to take action.
      But hey, keep blaming inanimate objects. Do you have one of those, “in this house we believe “ signs in front of your house?

  3. Walnut Creek sure has changed since I moved here over 20 years ago, especially downtown. I liked it much better before, to the point I’m thinking about moving.

  4. there seems to be an increase in the number of street robberies in the city lately. it that supported by any hard data or does it just seem like things are getting worse? I’ve heard that crime was supposed to be going down but that cant be true any longer?

  5. Too many criminals in Oakland and not enough targets, so now they’re spilling out to formerly safe and quiet WC and Lafayette for the easy targets of people who are just enjoying their lives.

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