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Another Night On The Beat In Walnut Creek – “Takedown”


Officers were called to support store personnel at the Ross store in downtown Walnut Creek on Thursday night after a man was allegedly seen removing security tags from items and then leaving with those items without paying.

Police followed the man out of the store and attempted to get him to stop and talk with them but he resisted their approach and declined to stop.

The unidentified man was searched after officers learned he was reportedly seen carrying a hatchet-type implement in the store. It was not immediately known if that was found.


  1. All that for a shoplifting? Nothing will happen to him, he’s already out of custody. Now, a hatchet, he would have taken at gunpoint.

    Firestone 11R

  2. Is this part of a new tactic by WCPD? Are they now going after these people or do they now have the people to enforce the law where they didnt earlier??

  3. Ross, really ??!! Come on man, aim higher, have some pride and self respect if you’re going to be a criminal.

  4. If we can get a handle on this rampant out of control theft problem without anyone getting hurt I’m happy. I feel sorry for the merchants just trying to operate a business and the police who are often in the middle. Help those who genuinely need help but catch and prosecute those who are preying on us.

  5. Just back from a trip to relative in Colorado where the problem has gotten out of hand. And no it’s not just liberal Califronia. The cities are adopting their own ordinances too deal with the problem and people are going to jail. It seems to be working. But it’s good to be home.

    • The similarity is that Colorado has also become a liberal crazy place. And actually every city that’s struggling with this issue is generally tilted way liberal and involve uber-liberal DAs. Thankfully some places are waking up now. I guess it took the Liberals’ personal victimizations to open their eyes that these policies were not good.

      • Broken windows theory vs Community Policing. The latter seems noble, until the the bad actors show up in your neighborhood.

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