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Suspected Retail Thieves Arrested In Walnut Creek Wednesday


An alleged crew of suspected retail thieves was taken into custody in downtown Walnut Creek Wednesday afternoon after police brought their shopping trip to an abrupt halt.

The unnamed suspects, two men and two women, were taken into custody near the Nordstrom and Lululemon stores at approximately 3 p.m.

Reports that at least two of the suspects were involved in an earlier theft at a Lululemon store in Napa could not be immediately confirmed. A car or cars believed used by the suspects were located by police in a nearby parking garage.

On Friday, Oct. 20… WCPD released the following:

Four Arrested for Organized Retail Theft
Arrested: Deoni Johnson, Jr (27 year-old resident of Sacramento, CA), Darijanna Roberson (24 year-old resident of Reno, NV), Charles Allen, Jr (38 year-old resident of Fairfield, CA), and Anthony Bradley, II (32 year-old resident of Oakland, CA)

On 10/18/2023, Walnut Creek Police received information of two organized retail thefts that occurred at the Santa Rosa and Napa Lululemon locations. The information was obtained by our WCPD Broadway Plaza Officer, in partnership with retail loss prevention personnel, and included photographs of the suspects and the suspect vehicles. Additional information gathered by the Broadway Plaza Officer indicated a likelihood the suspects in those thefts might be coming to the Walnut Creek location to return stolen merchandise.

At approximately 2:45pm, several of the suspects were observed inside Lululemon located in Broadway Plaza. WCPD Officers detained four suspects without incident. During the investigation, over $10,000 worth of stolen merchandise was recovered from the suspect’s vehicles.

The following four individuals were arrested for a variety of charges:

Deoni Johnson and Darijanna Roberson:
PC 490.4(a)(2) Organized Retail Theft
PC 496(a) Possession of Stolen Property
PC 182(a)(1) Conspiracy to Commit a Crime

Charles Allen:
PC 466 Possession of Burglary Tools
PC 1203.2 Probation Violation

Anthony Bradley:
PC 1551 (a) Fugitive From Justice (Out of State Warrant)
All four suspects were transported and booked into the Martinez Detention Facility.
We are thankful for the relationships WCPD has formed with our retail partners and allied law enforcement agencies. This has led to an enhanced response to organized retail crime, which often involves groups committing crimes in multiple jurisdictions.


  1. Do we have the leadership in our CC DA and other local law enforcement officials to prosecute these guys? Or will they be back in 6 months for another go? (cc: Diana Becton)

  2. Thank you officers. I believe it is incumbent that we keep an eye on the DA office. I am sorry more people didn’t vote for Mary Knox.

  3. Handcuffs make it hard to plunk a penny in the fountain and wish you had not wound up arrested because of overpriced yoga garb.

  4. It has gotten out of hand. The perpetrators need to pay the price along with restitution and a good old fashioned public flogging!

  5. Aw, come on. The poor young man just needed a new pair of pants because his had become threadbare. Have you no compassion? 😉

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