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Stick-Up Crew Takes Purse, Watch At Gunpoint In Walnut Creek Wednesday

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A car with four individuals aboard robbed a couple at Botelho and Locust in Walnut Creek on Wednesday, one of the occupants producing a pistol and demanding a watch and purse from their victims.

No one was believed to have been injured during the incident, which occurred at 9:28 p.m.

The four robbers, described as black males in the late teens and early 20s, were reportedly all masked and hooded. At least one was armed with a black semi-automatic pistol. The four were believed to be driving a white Honda Accord with tinted windows.


  1. Pretty much nothing you can do if they roll up behind you – show the gun – and then demand your stuff. Glad no one was hurt.

  2. people can wear and carry what they want naturally but if I ever have the misfortune of being robbed all the bad guys are going to get is maybe a stale stick of gum and some loose change. there are benefits to being poor.

  3. Wow! Things are changing big time. 9:28PM on a Wednesday on Locust Street and four thugs in masks WITH guns get out of the car and rob a couple walking down the street?!?!?!? It used to be so safe I’ve walked down Locust much later than that with no fear.

  4. Are we just apples in a barrel for armed thugs, driving into Walnut Creek, shopping for people to rob? It sure feels that way.

      • Sadly it’s not safer anywhere else. Two weeks ago same thing happened west side Danville. Until your actions have consequences this will only get worse.

        • Criminals prey on nouveau riche and aspirational middle class communities (e.g., Danville and Walnut Creek, respectively) where insecure, newly rich flaunt their temporary status with garish artifacts.

          Stick-up-kids aren’t mugging multimillionaires outside of OCC for their fitbits….

      • What a snooty comment, Campo Cougar. Moraga has had their share of crime too, let’s not forget. So stay in Moraga, don’t come down off your little hill.

        • Are you really equating Moraga smash and grabs to armed robberies of Walnut Creek? These people aren’t from here. They’re from Oakland sac Vallejo Fairfield etc looking for easy targets. It’s more complex operation than you think with multiple lookout vehicles on different streets. Unfortunately multiple deputies and undersheriffs of different counties all advocate the same thing, get your ccw. You may not like guns, and that’s ok, but I’ve seen more and more women and minorities at the ranges lately. Each one I talk to says the same thing, victim of armed robbery and they need to protect themselves

  5. Why doesn’t WCPD deploy snipers on downtown rooftops to immediately neutralize anyone who brandishes a firearm?

    They’re not doing a good job of deterrence lounging in squad cars.

  6. Maybe the same group of males involved in a similar robbery a week or two ago. Risking multiple armed felonies over a watch and purse is just stupid. They will be caught eventually. Just hope they’re prosecuted and serve harsh time and no innocents are harmed.

  7. Totally accurate – this is what you voted for. Those saying “fight back” are nuts until they vote out this DA. Victim has fewer rights than perp. DA goes, then you MAY have order. If not, you will not, no matter what the police or citizens do.

  8. I see a wave of goo dripping from the comment stream. It’s like a bad Alien sequel. No one is safe!
    “Why can’t we just get into the running car?”

  9. I thought W.C. had cameras at all intersections???
    You mean they can’t see any plates?
    Be prepared .carry bait money and loud decides hooked on your person easy to activate. These types can not keep getting away with this

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