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Watch Taken At Gunpoint In Danville Friday

Photo: DPD

An armed gunman stole a wristwatch from a man in the 900 block of Ocho Rios Drive in Danville Friday, leaving the scene in a newer model white Dodge Charger and eluding police who pursued the vehicle west on Highway 24 in Orinda.

The robbery was reported at approximately 6:10 p.m. No details were immediately available as to the method used by the gunman, who was reportedly armed with a Glock-style pistol.

The reported getaway car was spotted running west on Highway 24 in Orinda, fleeing at high speed when an officer attempted to get behind it near the Wilder exit prior to the Caldecott Tunnel.

There were no immediate reports of injuries.

The gunman was described as a black male, 30-40 years, dark hoodie and dark pants,


  1. A concealed carry permit and the proper training would eventually put an end to these robberies. These criminals are counting on the victims being unarmed. They know how hard it is to get a CCW permit, and know if they do get caught, they will be out of jail soon enough.

      • Just a quick word of elucidation as we do not speak for the police.

        Local departments routinely notify neighboring jurisdictions of incidents/chases etc. of this type. Whether those jurisdictions have the resources to respond in a meaningful way depends on the usual factors: i.e. available manpower, timing, positioning, etc.

        Thanks for the post,


  2. Can we repeal Prop 47 yet? This is the slippery slope of decriminalization. Start with shoplifting with no consequences and graduate to armed robbery.

    • Who In their right mind votes yes on these props?? Do you not see it’s obvious what is on the ballot or do people not read what they vote for? This is a liberal state thinking low level criminals don’t recommit and get worse next time they do.

  3. A lot, which is relative to Danville’s ultra-low crime rate, seems to happen around that Ocho Rios/Westside part of town. Crimes of opportunity due to freeway proximity, I assume. Blackhawk/Tassajara just too far of a trek back outta dodge.

  4. I saw and have on dash cam video a new-ish white dodge charger at TJ Max in dublin before the robbery. a black man was the passenger. I called the police to share this info.

  5. I’m still wondering how the criminals target the victims. Do they have people in stores, restaurants observing people and their watches.? Then a separate crew that follows the victim and pulls a knife? Seems to me that if you have an expensive watch and live in central county, don’t wear it when you go out.

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