Home NEWS Local Scene Barriers Back Up In Broadway Plaza After Tuesday Morning Ram Raid

Barriers Back Up In Broadway Plaza After Tuesday Morning Ram Raid


The city installed barriers on either end of Broadway Plaza after the infamous 2021 Nordstrom robbery, the barriers preventing cars from driving through the shopping district for more than a year.

Those barriers were removed in March of this year, the city taking steps to increase protection for downtown merchants.

Tonight, Tuesday, after early morning Ram Raiders used a car to ram their way into the Louis Vuitton store, apparently temporary signs were once again blocking the thoroughfare.


  1. Zona Pedonali — the merchants were opposed to it until they saw making the street accessible to pedestrians only made them a lot of money. Then outlying merchants were yelling to be included after that.

    • Yes! Our whole town would come out and eat and be together. It was a real town centre and not another traffic collector. The local merchants loved it because it was all right there at their shops and stores.

  2. I think the road closure is a good idea. I remember it being a bit of traffic jam with people jay walking and cars creating backups trying to get up front parking. This open space allows people to enjoy the area more and the city could easily invite in some local vendors to setup small tents to sell goods, snacks, etc.

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