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San Ramon Retail Thieves Caught After Chase, Crash In Danville

Photo: Danville PD

Four people were the object of a police search after an alleged cosmetics theft at the San Ramon Sephora store Tuesday.

Three members of the party were detained by police after their vehicle crashed near the Sycamore Valley Park & Ride in Danville, and police were still searching for a fourth individual as this is being written (1 pm).

UPDATE: A fourth suspect was arrested in the adjacent neighborhood at 1:10pm.

Neighbors contacting this site reported people jumping fences immediately after the crash was reported at approximately 12:40 p.m. Garbage bags containing perfume and other items were reportedly found littering the neighborhood east of the crash site.


  1. This stupid makeup store is just a magnet for dumb-@$$es looking to make a quick buck. You have the option to hop right on the freeway from the location but they hightailed it down the quiet suburban street instead with the plate reader waiting. Let’s raze Ulta already and bring back Max’s Diner.

  2. How about bring back the idea of putting thieves in prison, this catch and release works good for fish, but not criminals

  3. Oooooh, censored again. Is even the musical reference to stronger punishment for criminals now on the WOKE agenda? Of course I would not suggest capital punishment for theft crimes.

    Firestone 11R

    • Yes, even cleverly cloaked musical references to lynching are apparently on the WOKE WOKE WOKE agenda – possibly the lamest term for a manufactured right wing cause célèbre as there could possible be…

      Yours in WOKENESS,


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