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Rolling Bicycle Party Visits Walnut Creek/Pleasant Hill Friday


A colorful convoy of two-wheeled bicycle enthusiasts roamed between Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill Friday – carrying their own music, pedal fuel, and burritos and attracting lots of attention.

The East Bay Bike Party, a loose coalition of riders who organize through social media for semi-regular rides turned out in force for Friday’s ride, numbering between 150 to 250 participants pedaling all manner of two-wheeled and even some one-wheel craft.

Although there were some complaints about their music from neighbors the self-policed event was generally well received – with a few passersby inquiring about how to join. Think “Breaking Away” meets Burning Man.


  1. Looks like a sixteenth century fox hunt, to me, but with no stated goal, it’s just a side-show, a 1960s be-in. That’s right, a be-in from 60 years ago. Welcome to your unoriginal past and future.

    • Like your run on sentence. No stated goal, just babbling garbage. Welcome to learning English from this century. (Think before you feel the need to jump on and criticize your stupid thoughts on what is unoriginal. Also blame your parents for not getting you involved with bikes, I sense the hurt feelings of fomo. You’re not letting go might be reason for the ED you experience.)

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