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Walnut Creek PD Investigating Morning Shots Fired Call; Victim Located


Walnut Creek police are on the scene of a suspected shooting incident reported in the 100 block of Sierra Drive early Saturday.

A police response to the scene located a victim suffering from unspecified wounds not far away. That person has been transferred to John Muir Hospital.

The suspect’s custody status was not immediately known.

Neighbors in the area tell this site they heard a gunshot at approximately 7:50 a.m. followed by the sound of a man screaming or yelling followed by the sound of a second shot.

Police were summoned and responded quickly, deflecting questions from neighbors.


    • It’s sad Walnut Creek isn’t what it use to be.. something happened during the early covid years. We started to see an influx of criminals and inner city folks moving in..

      • A WC officer told me 5+ years ago that there was a big change in transient/ homeless population because the Trinity center was being so generous with food and necessities. He said that the recipients were telling their friends in SF and they were Barting over in significant numbers. He had just gotten off shift and came in for an appointment and said that WC had gotten 30 some calls that night and his buddy in San Ramon had only gotten 2. I will never forget it because it was a little scary for me to hear and to see his worried reaction. And now that it is the way it is I think that might have been the tip of the iceberg.

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