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Some Photos Are Just Begging For A Good Caption…


We’re in a bit of a news cycle here on the site and Holy Moley are the wires singing with Flashers Flashing, readers writing, photographers shooting and writers overloading and trying to put it all into words.

Fat chance.

Most of you know about the unfortunate crash into a Walnut Creek post office branch on Oak Grove Road earlier today, but few of you know about the absolute avalanche of calls and texts and incoming photographs it triggered.

Appreciate all of you who reached out, as always, and some of our conversations veered toward the very funny after the serious side was dealt with. (No serious injuries, whew…) Among them was a photo submission from Andrew Federas, a fave of ours around here and a man with an infectious laugh and energy level we tend to feed off. His dad is okay, too.

Andrew sent this in and it seemed to go a bit beyond the routine crash photo and we like things that do that soooo… anyone have a good caption to match the image? (Firefighter humor most welcome.)


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