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Postal Truck Robbers In Custody; Gun Recovered


As we Flashed to those of you who Flash, Concord Police tracked and stopped a car believed to have been used in the robbery of a postal truck in the city earlier in the day at about 10 p.m. Thursday.

Patrol Officers and detectives identified the suspect vehicle and involved persons and initiated a high-risk felony stop on Blackfield Drive as STARR 3 – the sheriff’s Air Support Unit – orbited overhead.

Several subjects were detained and taken into custody for various crimes, according to police, who also identified a related suspect house in the City of Vallejo. The police Crisis Negotiations and SWAT Team served a search warrant on that address early Friday  morning, resulting in the recovery of unspecified evidence related to the armed robbery.


  1. Ask the Fed’s to charge them. They take robbery of a mail truck much more seriously than our local prosecutors and courts do.

  2. “It’s not sexy, but it’s got teeth! Ten thousand dollars and five years in prison. That’s ten and five for each act. Have you really looked at that?”
    Mitch McDeere
    That’s for simple mail fraud for overbilling for services. The federal government does not accept assault of a mail carrier.

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