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Shots Fired Following Attempted Burglary Of Martinez Cannabis Dispensary Friday; At Least Two Hit


A large portion of Sunrise Drive off of Pacheco Drive in Martinez has been closed off as police investigate what is initially believed to be the attempted burglary of a local cannabis dispensary – followed by an apparent shooting in which four officers opened fire and one suspect died of his wounds.

Tahmon Kenneth Wilson, 20, of San Francisco was subsequently identified as the man felled by police gunfire.

Another person was also hit that morning. That person has not yet been identified.

The four officers have been placed on administrative leave as per department policy.

Martinez Police notified the California Department of Justice (DOJ) of the shooting and that agency assumed the role of lead investigator in order to provide an independent review of the officer-involved shooting.

Owners of Velvet Cannabis Dispensary on Sunrise Drive told reporters they received a call from Martinez police about an attempted burglary at their business early Friday – with police arriving shortly after their alarm went off.

A local cameraman captured video of an apparent crash a short distance away from the business in the 4800 block of Sunrise Drive, evidence cards marking expended shell casings and individuals being taken away by ambulance.

At some point it is believed that police and burglars interacted and that four officers opened fire after one of the cars veered in their direction, crashing through a hydrant and into another vehicle. Three ambulances were called and apparent gunshot wounds reported – one person reportedly with a gunshot wound to the head although other injuries were inflicted in the crash.

Martinez police as well as Pleasant Hill police and Contra Costa County Sheriffs deputies are on scene, providing mutual aid and scene security around the crashed car and evidence.

This site has been reporting a string of well coordinated, late-night burglaries at local dispensaries in recent months.

We’ll have more as additional details become available.

UPDATE: 1:20pm Martinez PD released the following:

On August 18, 2023, around 3:27 a.m., the Martinez Police Department received a report of a video alarm at Velvet, a cannabis dispensary, located at 4808 Sunrise Drive. While enroute, officers were advised of multiple subjects at the business along with two vehicles.

Officers arrived on scene around 3:32 a.m. and one of the vehicles, described as a white SUV, fled the scene. Officers broadcast that shots were fired and there was an assault on an officer. The second vehicle attempted to flee and then crashed into a fire hydrant. The two occupants of the vehicle were transported to the hospital.

Additional law enforcement agencies responded to secure the scene. The Martinez Police Department initiated an investigation with the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office in accordance with the countywide protocol for officer-involved shootings. One officer is receiving treatment at the hospital for what is believed to be a minor injury.

The investigating agencies have responded with extensive resources to determine exactly what took place. The area where the incident occurred remains closed while crime scene investigators collect evidence. The officers involved were wearing body-worn cameras and footage is being reviewed as part of the investigation.

The investigation is in its early stages and ongoing. Further information is expected to be released this evening. Additionally, our understanding of the incident may change as more individuals are interviewed and evidence is collected and analyzed.


    • I’m sure the police did the right thing!
      Why do so many in the Bay Area always jump against the police and assume that they’re at fault for everything. You can see the resulting crime wave that is happening because we refuse to blame the criminals for anything anymore, but rather the police.

      • You should read up on what’s happening in Antioch, Pittsburg, Santa Rita jail, Oakland PDs. Unfortunately there are criminals amongst the police force as well.

        • That’s correct. But are you saying that one or more of these criminal cops just happened to show up at Velvet at 3 a.m. and decided to shoot someone without provocation? LOL. Do you have the guts to protect your community, circa 2023? We’re blessed that some will.

          • No, i was just responding to Greg’s question as to why so many “jump against the police”. Personally, I’ll wait for the facts to come out.

    • Mornin’, Jeff – agreed.

      Exact time frame still TBD but it’s looking like things went bad between 2:30 and 3:30 a.m. – ish.


  1. Please don’t let it be a cop who was shot! Times have changed, guns are too readily available, and cops need to shoot first and ask questions later. Sorry if that offends some here.

    • We’re talking multiple suspects, observed on video inside the facility at 3 a.m. In 2023, it’s a valid assumption that someone might be armed. You don’t want to be shot by a cop who is fearful for his life and burdened with the protection of both private property and the lives of his/her fellow officers? Don’t burglarize a business at 3 a.m.! I’m TIRED of cops getting shot, nationwide. An alternative might be a high speed chase through local communities, and we all know how those end up. So Luci…. yes, you’re correct. That’s what I said.

  2. This is not the Pepsi generation or the Sony Walkman generation. NOW FEATURING speculation from word GO! by the second. Breaking News! It is the ADHD generation. We have almost zero information. Now, GO!! Go Go Go!

  3. Thank you officers Many of us know what a tough job you have and that you have to make life or death decisions in real time.

    • We are/were aware of a heightened security condition at the hospital – ostensibly due to the actions of “family members” of persons unknown. Information is harder to come by in the hospitals these days than it is at the CIA.


  4. Hello I saw another station was reporting it as unarmed person being shot. I find it hard to believe they were unarmed robbing such a place and assaulting a police officer. Do you know if the suspects were captured on camera with a gun, or if they were seen having one? Just curious on the facts.

    • YHHH – Don’t believe the dead and wounded/injured man were armed. Unknown if anyone in either car were filmed with weapons as we’ve seen no film. As we have seen in the not-too-distant past police officers have opened fire on cars which have veered in their direction as cars moving at speed could present a danger to officers.

      The exact scenario in which police opened fire is not yet known, though the fact that up to four officers fired simultaneously could be taken as an indication they considered themselves in danger.


      • “The exact scenario in which police opened fire is not yet known”
        With respect, I think you should have left it at that. We don’t know what happened.

        “though the fact that up to four officers fired simultaneously could be taken as an indication they considered themselves in danger.”
        While I have no direct firefight experience, it would seem from published reports that once the lamp is lit, all hell can be loosed from multiple officers firing dozens upon dozens upon dozens of rounds even exceeding 100 rounds into 1 vehicle. It’s a question of training, experience, and temperament. Why speculate?

  5. “I’m sure the police did the right thing!”
    Jesus! Greg. We don’t know what happened. Your favorite movie star, rock star, cult leader, or police officer is a human being putting on his/her pants/pants suit one leg at a time. I hope you are too old for jury duty because you are not qualified.

  6. November 29, 2012 “Over 60 officers participated in a 23-mile police chase that ended in Russell and Williams’ vehicle being surrounded. The victims had no weapon on them and police claimed they fired due to being fired at. Thirteen police officers fired at Russell and Williams 137 times while they were in their car at a parking lot of a middle school, killing both.” Wikipedia

    So, do I conclude that all police are reckless, trigger-happy ANGRY racists? No.
    Wait for the facts. Who shot whom? Who was reasonably in fear of his/her life? The facts will tell.

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