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So Long, Sunday…


The choice for tonight’s closing photo came down to one depicting a rash of retail thefts seen in the 24/680 today or something more calming and sedate. We went with sedate.

With high temperatures, a lack of wind and the flash of lightning over Concord, Sunday went out like a lion and with a splash of vivid color.


  1. I was enjoying such a sunset last week, when an enviro-activist type passerby had to ruin it for me by stressing that sunsets like this is a bad sign of that the environment being in trouble because they’re all ozone and pollution and other items catching the sunlight and glowing. He then reminded me that the world will probably end in another 10 years because we haven’t done anything about it. So much for my enjoyment of the sunset!

    • Yes. Those damn “enviro-activist” types warning us about de-forestation, ozone depletion, climate change, rising sea levels, destructive forest fires, crop failures – none of which is happening right now right? O wait, they may be on to something after all.

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