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Recent Outages Have Residents Screaming Foul


Monday is upon us and so, apparently, are the power outages locals say they’ve been told they can expect to see and not do anything about.

And that’s just not going down well with the powerless.

“Electricity is out for the third time in one month in the Northgate area of Walnut Creek,” one impassioned reader wrote this morning. “Over eight hours so far this time. I wish you guys could investigate why this happens so often here…”

Well, as folks in nearby LaMolinda will tell you, their Northgate Neighbors are not the only ones in the dark – as today’s outage map indicates. About 3,500 without their electronics, medical equipment and other necessities and. they. are. not. pleased.

Folks in Moraga are also feeling picked on, asking us to seek out answers and talking about petition drives and angry letters and other suburban acts of retribution.

How about you? Powered or unpowered, increasingly the question of the day ’round these parts.


  1. it’s not suburban acts of retribution – we are made as hell and deserve explanations from PGE and our city leaders how to fix the problem.

  2. I live in Lafayette but share the Moraga power grid. We have lost power unexpectedly 8 times since mid July. 3 times this past week alone. Always in the morning and never windy out. Lines are set to an unacceptable level of sensitivity to de-energize.

  3. I luve in Lafayette and have lost power 7 times since July 13 due to the sensitive power lines. Check out the story in the San Jose Mercury today. The State is not happy that PGE has stopped their vegetation management program and added more sensitized lines because the losers are the folks who sit in darkness or not being able to work from home while PGE takes 3-6 hours to inspect.

  4. One thing I’m curious about. Are these outages done on purpose when PG&E feels that the conditions are at risk, i.e. it’s hot? Or is it the power-grid itself becomes overloaded/dangerous due to heat or wind and automatically shuts down? As I said on a post a few weeks ago, yes, 100 degrees is hot, but it’s also not that uncommon out here. We need a reliable power-grid that can handle local conditions.

  5. We received a notice that our power would be out today between 930 am and 3pm as of now, 2pm our power has stayed in. We are in downtown Wlanut Creek

    • Hang in there, Bartholomew! We’re all powered down with the backup systems in place!

      Stay cool,


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