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Juvenile Arrested After Sexual Assault At Concord BART Station Friday


As we reported earlier in the day, a woman was allegedly sexually assaulted and a would-be Samaritan threatened while attempting to intervene in a secluded second floor area of the Concord BART station parking lot on Friday.

The assault was reported to police in Concord at approximately 11:40 a.m., the victim reporting an assault by a slimly built male armed with a knife. An unidentified witness was also reportedly threatened with a knife when they attempted to intervene.

Concord police rapidly saturated the area while making contact with the victim, who described her attacker and distinct items of apparel. The suspect reportedly left the BART station on a County Connection transit bus which was stopped by Concord and BART police near Sun Valley mall, removing a passenger and taking a juvenile into custody after certain items of evidence were recovered.

So far, the suspect’s age and place of residence has not been released.

An ambulance was summoned to treat the victim but the exact nature of her injuries was not known.


  1. Just wonderful! Just wonderful! What the hell is happening to our society! I think our extreme open-mindedness has resulted in empty headed tolarance, that is making the livability of the Bay Area questionable.
    My auto insurance will not be renewed, even though I have a perfect record, because the out-of-state firm says there’s too many losses in California because of carjackings theft , burglaries and hit and run drivers. We good tax paying citizens always end up being stuck with the bill all the cri.es & thefts.

  2. Using a County Connection bus as your getaway car doesn’t strike me as particularly smart.

  3. We need more funding for bart? Bart is the worst thing to ever come to this area and all the overload of people that has come with it and overpopulated the area. As my grandaddy said, be careful what you wish for.

  4. Prior to incarceration I vote we give the woman assault by this little creep a baseball bat and ten minutes alone with him.

    • An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. The punishment is for God to handle not us. Still it is a terrible situation and I hope she is making a healthy recovery

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