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Busy Day In Lafayette: Intruder Inside Local Home – Power Out For Much Of City


UPDATE: Suspect rushed and detained after putting down knife inside home. Officers with him, ambulance called for examination. No other injuries reported – 9pm.

ORIGINAL: A busy day in Lafayette as residents dealt with a widespread power outage in the city and one homeowner dealt with an intruder who broke into his residence and helped himself to a meal.

Police are in the 800 block of Mariposa with air and ground assets in place after the residents called to report an Hispanic man armed with a hammer and knife inside their home, sitting at the kitchen table and eating.

Police have established contact with the individual and are conversing, in Spanish, though the man appears to be acting irrationally at times. Officers spotted him lying down on a bed in the home at one point, a knife in one hand.

The occupants are out of the home and were not injured.

Police from across Lamorinda and other adjacent agencies responded to the home to help with traffic control. A sheriff’s helicopter is orbiting the scene.


  1. Well, deranged persons in the home is pretty disorienting and scary, but explainable in current times. What is the explanation for Lafayette’s repeated power struggles??? Anybody? I live nearby. Nary a flicker of disruption nearby. When will Reddy Kilowatt address the recurring disruption? Is it a recurring problem or a viral mutation every time?

    • If you live on the grid that includes John Muir Medica Venter and the WCPd, it’s unlikely you’ll ever lose power. We’re by WC BART and haven’t gone out since Thanksgiving 2018.

  2. Regarding the constant power outages, that’s enough to deter a lot of us from buying an electric car! I know we’re going to be forced into them in the next 10 years but I have great concerns over the power grid that can’t even handle all our ACs running now, let alone everyone plugging in their electric cars!

    • Greg did you know the government is giving 17,500 off an ev. I wonder if buyers will default when they can’t afford the energy anymore.

      • Off an $80k purchase price, still no thanks. My sister bought one and lives up in the wine country where the power is always going off for days at a time and has had to stay home on numerous occasions because her car wasn’t charged. (Maybe partly her fault for not keeping it 100% charged all the time) also, she’s finding out that the range that they promise is not real. I think there’s even a lawsuit going on now against Tesla for that. For me I’ll keep my seven-year-old Lincoln Continental, which actually gets 29 miles a gallon on the freeway about 22 in town and has never given one problem, whatsoever in 7 years of ownership and 100,000 miles.. no problem! Nothing, nada,!
        ( actually none of my new Mercedes
        ever ever that good)

        • For me I just can’t deal with a car that wants to steer for me and thinks I’m accidentally changing lanes. I’m ready to go back to a carburated car. The reality is systems in the new cars are less michael schumacher and more helen keller. I agree with your sentiments. If you watch the video on the ford pickup ev, holy it can’t even get half of it’s range. While it sucks because we are putting everything into pg&e’s hands the more we change over to electric, I also feel bad for the states that get cold in winter and ev’s simply can not keep up. Sigh.

    • “constant power outages”? OK, let’s assume you meant something closer to true, like occasional. Change is harder for some of us than others. Your sister might benefit from battery support like some of us homeowners and the public utilities themselves which are building commercial-scale batteries to smooth those hard edges of energy demand. Change IS coming.

    • “That’s how auto industry analysts see the move by General Motors, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes and Stellantis to build a network of fast-chargers that will rival Tesla’s and will nearly double the number of quick-charging plugs in the U.S. and Canada.”

      “The companies said they will share in a multibillion-dollar investment to build “high power” charging stations with at least 30,000 plugs in urban areas and along travel corridors by 2030.”
      ABC News

      In case you can’t charge at home…

    • Except that NONE OF WHAT YOU POSTED IS TRUE. Power outages are never “constant” in this developed country, and, the power grid IS currently handling all demand, AC, EV charging, and hair dryers, all simultaneously, except in an isolated locale like Lafayette.

  3. Regarding the hungry man, I’ve got to ask why didn’t he just knock on the door and ask for food. I’m helping people all the time!
    All these news reports of the last week of crime have me really wondering if Society has not totally unraveled

  4. Regarding power outages in Moraga and Lafayette…why would PG&E care? Y’all switched to MCE for their greenwashed energy credits program. You’re no longer priority customers!

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