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Walnut Creek PD Intercepts, Detains Wrong-Way Evaders Monday


What’s going on in Walnut Creek today? Well, LOTS apparently, according to you guys.

Around 4 p.m. our lights dimmed here in the News Bunker and our communications systems started to hum and buzz like an over-charged Crock Pot as, well, too many tips to count began to pour in about some action on N. California Boulevard and Civic.

Apparently a carload of folks in a KIA declined a police invitation to stop for a chat and took off, driving evasively in the wrong direction south in the northbound lanes of N. California before striking a couple of civilian cars (still ironing all this out) and being swarmed by police who politely asked them to step out of the car, pretty please.

We believe three people are in custody. Their names and possible charges have not been given.


  1. Well, ya think they were maybe guilty of something?
    Just a few minutes before, I was on that same street… glad I switched over to North Main.

  2. Another example of 24/680 News keeping the us informed of emergent situations in our neighborhood. Thank you for your continued alacritous reporting. Based upon the your reporting the invitation to stop and chat by local law enforcement was declined….impolitely.

      • They shouldn’t chase them after that. They should have high-tech, self driving, heavy duty hummers (that can verify and lock on to a specific target) get ahead of them for an intentional hopefully fatal head on collision. Don’t fold when they raise the risk with someone might die, dont fold, reraise with hopefully nobody survives.
        I bet they wont play that game anymore

  3. Kia’s and Hyundai’s. All models through at least 2020 I believe. Look out. It’s a known problem and an easy steal and they’re being stolen by the dozens.

  4. People have found you guys. Told my neighbors about you and they were already signed on. Keep up the good work!!

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