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24/680 Residents Head Over Perfectly Arched Heels For… Barbie


Just when we thought we had the readership figured out.

The last couple of days and nights our patrols have reported a declining presence downtown, people eschewing local hotspots and boits to stand in long lines at local movie houses.

Cool, we thought, we’ve shaken off the pandemic and decided it’s okay to see a movie together again. Gee, we said, we wonder what has their attention.

Mister Cruise? The latest impossible mission? The tale of professor Oppenheimer and crew’s creation of the atomic bomb? That had to be it, right? Incredible story, great cast – a terrible science that, arguably, ended a World War and set the stage for the way the world has lived ever since. Had to be… but, nope, the locals are lining up to see… Barbie.

A movie about a doll. Dolls, to be specific, because apparently they dragged Ken into it, too.

There had to be more, we reasoned, what was the key to pulling so many citizens away from their Big Screens and into the theaters? We understand the pre-release marketing is clever and who doesn’t like the pretty actors involved, but there had to be more… right?

You tell us. Please.



  1. The Barbie question will not be on the abnormal psych exam in 50 years. This is normal human behavior. Apparently. Inexplicably. Commercially. Everlastingly. Burbphilically.

  2. Saw Oppenheimer yesterday at the Rheem Theater. Great movie and was happy to see the activity bustling at our local cinema out for both movies!

  3. Boffo box office and long lines again. Waiting for things to settle down so I can have Oppenheimer to myself.

  4. I don’t understand the attraction of a movie about a doll, unless maybe you’re a 10 yr old girl, but that’s just me…looking forward to seeing Oppenheimer.

    • Oh, well, you’ve obviously got to let go and get more in touch with your feminine side, John – though we get what you mean. We’re told there’s something more to the film and we presume that’s some sort of message or hooky plot line but something is driving its success. Perhaps readers/fans will clue us in.

      As for Oppenheimer, we’re with you on that one – as we are with Killers of the Flower Moon, which we are also looking forward to seeing.

      Never played with dolls or read comic books when we were kids, which may explain our cinematic predilections. Just born old, we guess!


    • NEWS24/680 – Great points, maybe I’m missing something? Killers of the Flower Moon, great book, and yes, I’ve already heard great things about the movie. Btw, I just read The Wager also written by David Grann. Another great book! He’s a fantastic writer. My favorite along with Erik Larson.

      • We happen to be in favor of writers and good writing… so, there’s that! And we always liked history.

        Great posts and input and we hope you stay in touch.

        All best,

  5. Split our household right down the middle! Went to Oppenheimer with my sons while wife and daughter saw the Barbie movie. Everyone came away happy! People seemed in a good mood which is nice – for a change.

  6. A new cartoon in WaPo reminded me today that there are no more problems for the newer generations to solve, so yeah, Barbie! So, yeah, poor Oppie! Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. So, yeah, Yesterday!

    • “No more problems for the new generations to solve…”

      I can think of a few things. Should I bring them up or stick to Barbie?

      • I guess I meant to say in my sarcastic way that these movies, these times, are escapist, retrospective. Now, I would not be so foolish as to suggest that you stick to Barbie, but the editor disapproves when his readers venture too far afield. It’s your call, your voice.

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