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Armed Robbery Crew Strikes In Danville Thursday


Four armed, masked men traveling in at least two and possibly three cars battered and robbed a person on Dolphin Drive in Danville Thursday night.

The robbery was reported at approximately 7:12 p.m. with the crew striking swiftly and beating their victim before making off with a bag, phone, and other personal items.

So far, no description of the assailants has been shared.

Cars believed used in the robbery included a grey Audi and a black Lexus.


    • I hope the victim can heal from the physical and mental trauma that will go on for a while. And I hope the criminals will be prosecuted. I’m more hopeful on the first rather than the latter.

  1. It seems like these gangs have a list of cities to target and strike there – then come back in a month or two. With the number of criminals inv olved and cars it seems like they’re organizing. I’m hoping their victim recovers soon.

      • So it was still light out- there were 3-4 people assaulting and no description? Was it on private property? Do you know if patrol has been increased as Dolphin Dr incidents like this seem to have better freeway access. And if we may have camera footage who do we contact?

        • Jenny –
          We do believe it was on private property, that it happened very fast and in many of these cases, the victim/witness is so shocked that no description is made. We have no information on police strategies so can’t comment…

          We do believe at least one of the cars was later pursued onto westbound Highway 24.

          And, certainly, if you have any footage you think would be helpful you should contact the police.


  2. Danville police this seems to be an increasing problem what as a community can we do to end this. Let’s have a town hall meeting!

  3. I don’t see this story anywhere else including Danville San Ramon twitter.
    How did you guys find out about this? If possible please share more details as they come. Thanks again.

    • Hey, Kieran –
      Details sparse and hard to come by, especially so soon after an incident. We’re hoping more people will come forward after the shock wears off.

      And for the record, this site is officially launching its “I Don’t See This Story Anywhere Else…” surcharge policy ($1 each time the comment is made) as we have enough doubters to put us over the million dollar mark in a week or so. ;-}

      All best,


    • I have been a lurking reader here for several years (starting with the Orinda mass murder) and cannot count the times this site has run a story no one else has – proven to be correct days later. Its why I’m here. Asking them how they do it is like asking a magician how they do their best trick. Something tells me they are not going to tell you.

  4. We desperately need cameras with license plate readers on all entry points to Danville. This substantially lowered the crime rate in Tiberan when they were installed and utilized.

    • Cameras and plate readers noticeably reduces crime. It works very well in our HOA. Not a single instance of crime since I’ve lived in our HOA.

      However, a lot of people seem to be allergic to the idea of having CCTVs in public. Why? What are you doing illegally in public that you’d prefer not to get caught doing over the potential of catching criminals like in this story?

      • Camers are good aids for police but they don’t actually make arrests and there have been cases of abuse and unauthorized surveillance. We have them at our home and would make anything they catch available to police if asked but we would not network our camera with others monitored by police.

      • Most of the time they have a fake license plate or they take it off completely or the car is stolen so they’re not stupid some are but most aren’t so the cameras wouldn’t do any good anyway only maybe to get a snapshot of what they might look like but you have to have a really good camera to take a picture of somebody inside of a car and while it’s moving. A lot of money a lot of storage 24 hours 7 days a week and then the police will probably come in and somehow use those in the wrong possible way against the citizens of this County.

  5. Yee haw, yippie ki yay. If it happens in WC, it will eventually happen in Alamo/Danville, always be prepared and make good judgements in any situation.

    Firestone 11R

    • Hey, Kieran – thanks for the note. No offense taken, we get people questioning our “validity” periodically despite a proven track record and we’ve adopted the posture of firing back when necessary. Blame that on our ancestors, who taught us that allowing people to take unchallenged potshots at you just makes you a silent target – and we’re beyond that.

      As for why the police haven’t released this news we think that is a question best posed to them. Our job is to investigate and write stories of public interest in the interest of public safety. For the record, we often withhold information we believe may be critical to an ongoing police investigation – though we have no tie to local police agencies. We believe that to be essential to the interest of public safety.

      Thanks again for the post!


      • Most of the doubters slink away without apology after a few days – taking their posts down. That one woman on facebook was really off base.

        • Alex – We get a lot of that, yes. And, along with “There’s no crying in baseball…” we’ve come to believe apologies are rare in journalism…


  6. We need more police on patrol. Cameras often report the crime and give a description of a stolen car. It will only get worse if action is not taken.

  7. Thank you for breaking this story for all of us. Are there any updates? I have looked online and have not found anything other than the story you ran. Very strange.

    • Thank YOU for reading us, Paula. We’ve picked up some additional chatter on this one but nothing substantive.

      We were gratified to hear that the crime eventually appeared on the town’s crime map and that made us feel somewhat better as it was an official acknowledgement. We sometimes think we’re succumbing to advancing senility until these things eventually come to light.


  8. Who ever writes for you does an excellent job!!!! I love the accurate accent but also humor and wit interjected periodically. It’s very refreshing!😉

    • We thank you and will pass along your very kind words. But he’s still not getting that raise he keeps pestering us for!


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