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After A Busy Monday Night – Ferreting Out The Details

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Monday night in the 24/680 was particularly bad, with folks hitting each other, walls, and their own personal limits with the rapidity of a triggered chain of dominoes.

Our people were out and on the scene, returning with the glazed, dead-eyed expression of the shell-shocked, shaking their heads when colleagues asked what they’d seen.

We started the day looking for informed releases from civic officials about orbiting helicopters, sizable deployments of police and fire personnel and parking lot stickups but, finding none, we sent out more inquiries, beginning to doubt our own eyes.

So far, we’ve been able to confirm a wrackingly unfortunate drowning callout in Clayton, with a youngster pulled from a residential pool and emergency personnel performing life-saving CPR on the child all the way to the hospital. Obviously, that family is going through a lot and we’re hoping things ended well.

Another family is also dealing with an unexpected trauma after a man out for a bike ride on Thunderbird Drive in San Ramon fell and sustained significant injuries, police and fire responding to transport that individual to the hospital and close down the street for investigation. That person’s condition also remains unknown today but of course we wish them well.

We’re still wondering what happened to that Walnut Creek car burglar (and his dog) arrested in San Ramon on Friday – the responsible agency declining to fill us in – as well as a reported armed robbery in Walnut Creek Monday night and at the casino in Pacheco earlier in the day.

The Walnut Creek robbery attempt occurred around 10 p.m. in the parking garage at The Keys condominium, with the would-be robber demanding a female victim’s purse and pushing a gun into her ribs to make his point. Anyway, she didn’t give it up and he ran off. Suspect: Black male, 5′ 6″-5′ 8″, black ski mask, black hoodie with red trim, Glock-type pistol.

Other incidents attracted quite a bit of attention in Lafayette and Orinda and we passed along what information we could about those actions at the time. And, yes, we know it’s disconcerting when a police helicopter takes up an orbiting position above your neighborhood.

We’re grateful to all of you who have liked and followed and Flashed with us in recent days. Your tips and feedback given over these intervening days has been invaluable. Hope you all stay with us.


  1. Doesn’t sound good but hope the child made it. Odd that no official releases out on this. Thanking this site again for its coverage.

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