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If You Can’t Stand The Heat – Go Steal A Car


We’re staggering a bit, because we’re even more short-handed than usual as well as from lack of sleep, and we’re banking on Mister Breville and David Bowie to give us the jump-start we need.

If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know about the predicted heat wave you may want to stay under that rock a bit longer as temperatures – and the related human insanities that seem to come with it – are expected to soar this week.

As it is we appear to be locked in a Fever Dream of mass car thefts, bass-banging Bad Boys and Girls, Machete Men, and hard-charging Dodge Challengers which seem to be flitting at will around the county until we realized there’s more than one. Coupled with all that you have to throw in Flash Messages and inquiries from a – how can we say this? – edgy public convinced they’re seeing mob rubouts, kidnappings and stickups on every corner.

Throw in some COVID, car-to-car jousting, water bottle barrages, Express Lane Blockading and Bio Bombing – all whirring around in an echo chamber Cuisinart turning routine shoplifting incidents into robberies, residential burglaries into Home Invasions and Social Media forums fanning schoolyard transgressions into full-blown Asphalt Jungles and it’s little wonder suburbanites are trembling in their recently re-modeled home bunkers.

Us? Well, we’re just trying to figure out what it all means, Binkie, as we appear to be living in a New Age of organized criminality and willful drug-taking with a component of lethality akin to a round of Russian Roulette.

We have to psych ourselves up to take a couple of Tylenol, so much of what’s going on can be hard to figure out, even though we’ve been around the track a few times and seen a few things in our time.

At present we’re dealing with a series of traffic-chocking crashes on one of our namesake highways, a pursuit, and reports of a couple of dudes waving guns around (believed to be AirSoft but oh, so dumb in this shoot-’em-up world).

What’s it all mean? We don’t know right now but we’re here to figure it out if we can…

Stay cool, people.


    • Oh, no… just some key folks out dealing with Life Challenges.

      Making things more interesting for we Remaining Few!


    • I really hope you can address this “bad guys” fever dream. You are going to be OK. I am OK. Why shouldn’t you be OK, too? Take a breath.

          • Did we call that one? Can’t remember…

            No, this: “…as temperatures – and the related human insanities that seem to come with it – are expected to soar this week.”

            They’re soaring.

  1. OK, ebb and flow is to be expected. Uptrends and downtrends are to be expected, and something to be reported after the fact. Predictions are predictions, forecasts based upon prior experience (or Jeane Dixon), NOT news. I don’t recall any Walter Cronkite predictions.

    My forecast is fear, but not personally. I have none to project.

  2. apropos my recent post that went missing. It was accurate. It was a retort to a post of implied violence. It was not accepted…??

    • You, sir, are squaring off with a certain member of this site (and he, you) like Doc Holliday and Curly Bill in Tombstone.

      We don’t mind a deep, engaged discussion but talk of violence and personal preferences when it comes to vigilante justice are a no no. Throw his out, yours don’t make sense (and vice versa) and the whole Jingo tower comes tumbling down. Just trying to keep the train on the tracks.


        • C’mon. We don’t have a lot of time and we’re not here to babysit grown people.

          For the record, he bitches – er, excuse us… complains – about our taking down his posts, too.

          For the Love of Mike, guys, this stuff isn’t this hard.

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