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Car Theft Sparks Pursuit, Foot Pursuit, Search In Lafayette Tuesday

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A car stolen early Tuesday morning in Lafayette touched off a police pursuit and widespread search after crashing near Glenside Circle and Reliez Station Road. At least two occupants attempted to flee into the surrounding neighborhood, possibly leaving a gun behind in the vehicle.

Officers detained a woman shortly after the 7:30am chase and crash. She was treated at the scene for minor injuries suffered during the collision.

Dust from the collision had hardly settled before officers from throughout Lamorinda saturated the area of Reliez Station at Diane as neighbors reported seeing two men running through yards in the area. One suspect was detained at gunpoint while attempting to ride out of the police cordon on a bicycle and nervous neighbors phoned in more reports.

A search for a possible third suspect was called off at about 8:05 a.m.

Lamorinda police were apparently in Lafayette searching for at least two cars reported stolen in the area either overnight or in the early morning hours.

UPDATE: The following was provided by police at 9:21 p.m.:
This morning at about 7:06, Lafayette police were dispatched to a report of a stolen vehicle that occurred in Lafayette.

During a search for the vehicle, an officer spotted it in the area of St. Mary’s Road and Las Huertas Road. The vehicle immediately accelerated at a high rate of speed, leading the officer on a pursuit.

The vehicle continued on Glenside Drive and collided into a Lafayette police car at the intersection with Reliez Station Road. The three occupants fled on foot from the vehicle. A firearm was later located in the vehicle.

Two of the three, including the driver, were taken into custody. They were later booked into the Martinez Detention Facility on charges that include stolen automobile and felony evading. They are identified as 21-year-old Yesabella Davis of Oakland and 28-year-old Omar Martinez of Oakland.

The investigation is ongoing. The suspects are believed to be connected to several stolen vehicles in Lafayette and Moraga this morning.


  1. An early start to our day with LEO activity in the neighborhood. Just for the sake of clarity, did stolen vehicle originate on Buckingham Drive in Moraga? Thereafter it would appear that the persons of interest made way to location of TC that brought Lamorinda exodus efforts to a halt. Thank you 24/680 for being on top of emergent events.

    • Morning, Jeff! Tangled webs and all that stuff… there are threads to this one we are not privy to being, well, civilians.

      But apparently there was a flurry of car thefts in Lamorinda with our chase being the most recent one.


  2. I guess folks are beginning to realize that criminals are running all around, even in Lafayette, with our current ‘no one goes to jail’ policy and ‘steal up to $950 and youre ok’ laws. Do you think this activity is going to go away anytime soon?

      • It is new. Lived here 50+ years. In Lamorinda / Boreaga we really didn’t have crime, especially this kind or frequency

    • “I guess folks are beginning to realize that criminals are running all around”
      No, we’re not. Why are you spreading this fear?
      The guy in front of me in line at Safeway is not a criminal. My dentist means me no harm. I buy gasoline without fear. Crime happens, but why do YOU live in this world of fear?

  3. I fully believe these crooks sit around with other crooks and say “hey lets hit Lamorinda tonight — we haven’t been out there in a while. “

  4. A couple weeks ago the car thieves hit the Northgate area of WC. I think 4 cars were stolen and tracked to back Oakland. I’ve lived here 21 years and yes this is NEW to CoCo county. Criminals used to be scared of committing crimes here because they would be held accountable. That has not been happening since this District Attorney took office.

    • Thanks, Wendy, believe we had at least a couple of zippy cars stolen off a lot in Martinez this morning, as well.


  5. … and reporters and clerics and lots of other folk we didn’t like or understand or who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, so let’s hear it for the Good Ole Days, yay!


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