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REALLY Sleepy Driver Gets PD/Fire Wakeup In Walnut Creek Sunday


A driver, initially believed asleep but later determined to be unconscious, was discovered in an active traffic lane behind the wheel of his car at N. Main and Parkside in Walnut Creek on Sunday – and city police were handed the job of waking him up.


It should be known that drivers discovered in a similar state for a variety of reasons have reacted dramatically when contacted so the local police were particularly cautious in their approach – blocking the “sleeper” in with their vehicles, tapping on the window, and blasting a fire engine siren in an attempt to wake him up.

When none of those strategies worked police took a more direct posture, approaching with non-lethal arms and shields before smashing the car window and dragging the man out.

Photographer Sean McDonough – currently known around our newsroom as “Mister Everywhere” – said that even with all the activity the driver still did not appear to be fully aware of his surroundings so an ambulance was called for a trip to the hospital and observation by medical staff.


  1. I wonder why they have their guns drawn on an unconscious driver. This could have been anything. A diabetic issue, a seizure, stroke etc… Maybe they fired a few warning shots into the car before approaching.

    • We didn’t command this stack but from a purely interpretive point of view it looks like they were attempting to plan for every eventuality – including the ones you mention. The man could also have been sitting on a Tek9 and come up shooting – which has also happened. Hence the shields and shooters.


      • Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst case scenario. First responders are at risk as well.
        Plans B, C, etc are always warranted. Well played WCPD.

  2. Stroking out after a cv19 shot is more common than reported. Happened to pilots, bus drivers, many others. Blood clots occur.

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