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Scoop Says: “It’s Feelin’ Prowly Out There…”


Scoop, being a man of letters delivered at warp speed, knows all too well that “prowly” is not a recognized word. He hopes readers and former grammar teachers out there will be forgiving, as he is attempting to convey a prevalent mood in our beloved 24/680.

For we are getting creepy-crawled and burglarized, our cars are being surgically altered for their catalytic converters, and folks returning from stress-relieving vacations abroad are coming home to find that burglars have beaten them to it and left with Junior’s Play Station – and whatever else they may have wanted,

Old Schoolers used to the reporting standards of bygone days may be shaking their heads right now, saying: “The police haven’t said anything”… “no one else is writing about it”… and “it didn’t happen to me so it can’t be true.”

Fine. Scoop is a tough nut with tree bark for skin. But part of today’s exercise is a plan to map some of what he/we know is going on – especially since several people we have spoken with say they have not bothered to contact the police to report the crimes. If you write via our comments section on this story and leave a description of the crime, your general location, and any pertinent details as to how the thieves breached your house or car, it will flesh out what we know.

And, yes, there was a fatal crash connected to a police pursuit in El Sobrante this morning, a police pursuit in Moraga (stolen car) also this morning, some creepy crawling, a possible freeway shooting in Concord and more than one vacation burglary reported in recent days. We’re getting a bunch of “Did you hear anything about XYZ?” inquiries so we know your interest is piqued. Drop us a line and fill us in – as well as your neighbors.

Offered as an opportunity to increase our knowledge, and never as a means to increase our fear.


  1. The root of all these things you reported, is that criminals are now emboldened……seldom sent to jail anymore….allowed to be roaming free doing in their chosen enveavors.

  2. Silent night. All is calm. All is bright at the homestead.

    You are soliciting crime reports. What you aren’t providing is perspective on what is up and what is down.

    Crime is very, very bad when it’s personal, but how does one gain perspective from a slew of crime anecdotes?

    You are more likely to see a tide of one-note johnnys with a tired political agenda.

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