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Police Intercept Suspected Carjackers In Walnut Creek Wednesday


Officers from several local jurisdictions intercepted a car with two suspected carjackers aboard as the driver was making his way into Walnut Creek Wednesday – arresting two men after a short vehicle and foot pursuit.

Police converged on a black Honda Accord in the area of Ygnacio Valley Road and Oakland Boulevard at approximately 6:30 p.m., detaining its two occupants after a brief chase and as a sheriff’s helicopter orbited the scene.

Although the incident is still fresh (officers searching for a weapon and other evidence jettisoned during the chase as this is written at 6:55 pm), it is believed the car was hijacked at gunpoint at another location – attracting the attention of an Orinda police officer who fell in behind it on eastbound Highway 24.

An officer “darted” the car with a tracking device shortly before other police units arrived to hem it in. At least one weapon was reportedly recovered at the scene.

Reader-submitted video of the pursuit is available on our social media pages.



  1. On top of emergent situations as usual 24/680. Thank you for your attendant alacrity. Keep us posted on details as they become available.

    • I’m curious though, if the criminals are still in jail or already out waiting to hijack someone else? I’m sorry to sound so pessimistic but our current criminal justice system is totally skewed towards the criminals.

  2. I would love to see the follow up on such cases including prior record and sentencing on current case. Is that a reasonable ask

    • A common request, Tomas, with most of America demanding New York Times-level coverage – without having to pay for it.

      As a small news outlet with a large audience we do what we can with what we have, but it’s getting harder as resources dry up, newsrooms get smaller, and information gets more difficult to come by. And, yes, we feel that last bit is deliberate.


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