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Man Kills Self At Dublin Shooting Range Tuesday

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A 35-year-old Bay Point man shot himself at a Dublin shooting range Tuesday – taking his life before police called to the scene to check on a possibly distraught person could reach him.

Dublin Police Services officers were called to the Guns, Fishing & Other Stuff gun shop and shooting range at 6705 Amador Plaza Road at around 5:09 p.m. Tuesday, arriving to find the unidentified customer down from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Captain Gurvinder Gosal wrote in a departmental release that officers located the individual in one of the range’s shooting lanes. The man was pronounced dead at the scene despite initiation of life-saving measures, Gosal wrote.

It was not immediately disclosed if the deceased brought his own weapon to the range or rented one from the business.


  1. Odds are he rented the weapon there right? I mean why go there if he already had a gun. Sounds like someone there felt he was going through some stuff…..

    • If he rented a gun there, he didn’t come in alone because they don’t rent to people coming in alone because of this reason. So if he came in with a friend, they witnessed it. My guess is he brought his own gun but that is just so messed up because he could have done this somewhere else.

  2. Very sad. I sometimes wonder if each of us just spread a little more kindness,; even a smile and hello to more strangers each day, if things like this may not happen.
    I honestly try to do this every day, but frankly I’m often rebuffed or looked at like I’m crazy. The Bay Area is not this happy, kind & considorate place anymore. I know we think we our political and social compassions.. but on the personal level we can actually be very cruel to each other here. Frankly, ( and the politically liberal among you will bristle at this) but visit Texas ,Tennessee and other more conservative places and see how nice they are. You actually feel uplifted after going into public. Anyway I wish our day today interactions would be kinder here in the Bay Area

      • Yes, I second that! Aside from that the aforementioned article was well written, and I couldn’t agree more ❤️

    • A scan of recent headlines is enough to tell me that it’s not all Southern charm and chitlins in the states you mention. They have deep problems of their own and while I agree many of the people who live there are good people they have a fair share of people who are not. If you prefer things there maybe you should go.

    • LOL. Move! Go to Tennessee Enjoy your transvestite-free, gerrymandering life. You feel welcomed in “conservative” environments? Go! Hilarious, those of you who feel that you have lessons to depart. Sad, that you feel the need. Some guy puts a bullet through his head, and you’re here with conservative versus liberal sh*t? Sad, sad, sad.

  3. When I was 19 years old a friend of mine shot him self in the head in front of me. I tried to wrestle the gun from him but he over powered me.

  4. God bless his soul this is so sad I wish everyone was free of suicidal thoughts that lady in Fremont and those two children so sad why is All this going on can we please start going around to our neighbors more often even if they get mad at us for checking on them I think that might help a lil sometimes people just need to vent and say what is going on in their lives

    • On the contrary, sometimes it’s those undesirable insistent self invitees whom are just the right amount of tipping someone off. Only because I see this opposite ended spectrum play out daily in my own neighborhood. Friendly is one thing. Unsolicited guests are another when life has hold already. Love from afar… It’s safer

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