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Armed Robbery Reported In Downtown Walnut Creek Tuesday


Our readers alerted us to an armed robbery near the Wells Fargo Bank branch at Main and Bonanza in Walnut Creek around 3:12 p.m. Tuesday.

We were told a man was robbed of his watch and other personal belongings by a suspect who exited a vehicle with two other passengers inside, approached the victim and took his watch and other personal belongings – possibly after brandishing a gun of some type.

Witnesses tell us the victim may have resisted until the weapon was seen, at which time the gunman returned to the waiting car – described by some as a black Chevy Malibu – which left the area southward at a high rate of speed. No injuries are believed to have been reported.

We’ll update this post with any CONFIRMED information should we get it. Until then we thank our Flash and Facebook users who contacted us about this incident.


  1. “Suspect was out on parole/ had outstanding warrants”…I bet that will be the story. Now they’re just cruising around in cars waiting to attack. Yes folks some people belong in jail!
    They’re emboldened as tlocation is jus 1 block from police station!

    • 💯%! Just about everyone in these parts has ample resources. A bejeweled watch, flashy clothes and fancy car won’t impress anyone worth impressing. On the contrary; those established means seldom don expensive artifacts to signal their wealth.

      Expensive status symbols signal insecurity and primarily draw the attention of bandits and gold diggers.

  2. Or, be a brave police officer undercover with conspicuous swag in downtown WC, with BACKUP! These guys are dangerous, but not clever.

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