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Robbery Crew Makes Off With Cash, Merchandise In Lafayette Early Saturday

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A crew of armed robbers robbed the 7Eleven store at 3347 Mt. Diablo Boulevard early Saturday, brandishing guns and making off with several hundred dollars in cash and store merchandise.

The trio, all armed with handguns, struck at 12:53 a.m. No injuries were reported.

They were believed to have been driving a 2017 Model Nissan Altima.



  1. I worked at a convenience store — actually a liquor store — in college. You see some really sketchy peopl e out there around midnite.

  2. So carload of kids or young men riding around with guns looking for someone or something to rob – do I have this right?

    • It’s liberal alchemy. Turn the baddest bad guys into victims. As opposed to fascist alchemy. Turn white-supremacist, holocaust-denying book burners into patriots.

      • Wow, tak about painting a group with a broad brush, you just did that David!
        You’re kind of acting like the side that you’re always criticizing for doing that.

        • Okay, boys, let’s keep the train on the track.

          Robbery. Lafayette. Crime. No personal flaming, please…

          The (Sleep Deprived) Editor

  3. We co-own a donut shop in another part of CA. We went cashless at our store. Haven’t been robbed since the change 18 months ago. We were robbed twice in the 12 months before going cashless.

  4. Working at a convenience store is a dangerous job. Workers are very exposed and cash in the register makes them a tempting target.

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