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Air And Ground Search For Suspected Burglar Suspended In Lafayette-Walnut Creek


A sizable police presence is in place and searching for a suspected burglar believed to have made his way into a home in the area of El Curtola Boulevard and Juanita Drive Friday night.

Overview of search area last night, demonstrating difficulty experienced by search teams.

The suspect, described only as a black male in dark clothing, is believed to have entered a home and taken items – possibly a firearm. Other guns were reportedly found discarded outside the residence.

Police from multiple jurisdictions quickly arrived to lock down the neighborhood and undertake a search for the suspect. Officers could be seen checking an unfamiliar car found in the neighborhood and possibly abandoned by the suspect.

A sheriff’s helicopter is currently (9:55pm) overhead with – many – police establishing perimeter positions in the area.

Police called off their search and pulled down their perimeter shortly before midnight. The suspect remains at large.


      • With the current nobody-goes-to-jail policies, it will continue and probably be an everyday event soon as the criminals become even more emboldened.

        • Yes, Greg…”nobody goes to jail.” Nobody. Any crime committed all the way to murder is excused and no one goes to jail. Dude…stop. It’s not that simplistic.

          Plenty of people go to jail every day in this county. Some are held longer than others depending on the crime, bail arrangements etc…not everyone arrested for a crime just goes to jail and sits there for years. Everyone has the same constitutional rights. Including you by the way. You are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, people get due process and so forth. You can look it all up.

          • Good lord, you are one of those that has voted for this hellscape “no bail, defend, strip arrest and defense abilities, and demonize the police, pro-criminal/anti-victim extremist Neo-progressive Liberals obviously that is responsible for this nightmare we have been in since June 2020. We see your types online saying this stuff is “no big deal”, “it’s insured”, “they are victims of society”, “it is Capitalism’s fault”, etc. etc.!

            Shame shame shame on you! YOU are responsible for all this hellscape crime crisis that we are living in!

          • James Mac, very well thought out crime apology. It’s much closer to guilty then proven innocent and released.

    • It’s worth it Dariya! Personally news 24 680 has helped me stay safe many times. When the power is out and the smoke is thick it’s nice to have someone to respond. People who aren’t flashers may not realize they are helping people avoid these bad / dangerous situations live as they happen, far more than simply reporting on the matter after the fact. A true service commited in an always honorable fashion.

  1. Nothing like coming home after a long day and getting stopped by a cop with a really really big gun. That was crazy.

  2. I had to explain to my wife that I’m a Flasher but that she didn’t have to worry. It took her a while but I think she gets it now.

  3. Can’t go out on weekends and especially not holiday weekends…it’s when all the lowlife are doing their thing…

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