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Injury Crash Closes Rheem Boulevard At Glorietta Wednesday

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A serious injury crash believed to have involved at least two vehicles led to a rescue effort for one driver and closure of Rheem Boulevard at Glorietta on Wednesday.

One car was reported on its side after striking a pole at the key intersection. Life-saving measures were undertaken for one of the motorists, reported to be a young woman.

It is believed a medical event of some kind preceded the crash. The victim, driving a Volvo, struck a second vehicle – a Tesla – before running into the roadside ditch and overturning.

The crash was reported at 1:10 pm with neighbors reportedly hearing the sound of an impact. Additional officers responded from adjacent jurisdictions to help close, investigate the scene.

The driver is reportedly receiving treatment at a local hospital. The driver of the Tesla sustained minor injuries.


  1. I’m guessing she didn’t make it, but haven’t seen any updates in the news. When I left the scene she hadn’t had a heartbeat for a few minutes.

    • @Alewis – if you stopped to help, thanks for stopping to help.

      We’ve gotten quite a bit of additional information, just none of it of an official nature.


      • She was coming at me on the road I turned into the first driveway to avoid collision and got out to help and call 911. I still haven’t heard any update but she must have had a heart attack or something. 💔

        • Again, thanks for helping and glad you weren’t hurt.

          Evidence pointing to a medical event triggering the crash.

          Last we heard she was still under doctors’ care.

  2. Thanks for at least writing about this. We knew SOMETHING had happened but didn’t know what until we found this post.

  3. Wonderful News! Just heard the woman made it and it was confirmed she suffered from cardiac arrest. She was pulling over when she passed out and her foot hit the gas peddle.

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