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Bumpy Saturday In The 24/680 – Will Sunday Fare Better?


Saturday was a busy one for newshounds, first responders, tow truck operators and emergency room personnel called upon to patch up the injured.

And there were injured to be patched.

A review of our Flash Alert logs (don’t know what that is, yet? Check out the link at the top of our page.) was a non-stop registry of crashes and pursuits and some crime and a gushing hydrant thrown in. Things started rather badly at our namesake freeways when a motorcyclist tangled with another vehicle and went down, serious injuries resulting (hoping for a swift recovery).

Lensman Sean McDonough was on the scene for that crash, averting his lens from the bloodier aspects of the incident to capture CHP officers recovering the motorcycle in question and resulting traffic jam. As an aside, we like the slogan on that flatbed’s bumper guard.

Let’s see (riffling through the Flash Log) crash, crash, pursuit… repeat. Some serious-looking sport fighting or full-blown assaults (depending on your perspective, apparently) at the County Fair brought the Sheriff’s men out in force and the fair to an early close.

An odd crash in Martinez – or at least an unusual one – nearly set a house on fire after a driver got squirrelly, lost control of his chariot and rammed a car in the driveway of a home on Blue Ridge, the newly-fused vehicles bursting into flame and threatening the residence. Quick work by firefighters prevented anything more than some paint blistering to the residence and everyone made it out of the cars and home – none speedier than the driver of the primary vehicle, who was suddenly not to be found. Ahem.

And here we are on Sunday after a pleasant brunch, watching the radar screens again as CRASH, CRASH, CRASH, RESCUE, CRASH – becomes the by-now familiar rhythm. For the record we’re going to be taking it easy today, this being the Sabbath and all, so don’t go slamming into one another – give the cops, tow operators, emergency room folk, and us, a break.


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