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Local Man Arrested After Attempted Bank Robbery In Walnut Creek Thursday

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Walnut Creek police are confirming the attempted robbery of the U.S. Bank branch on Civic Drive Thursday.

Police said Douglas Crosby, 45, of Walnut Creek was arrested on a suspicion of robbery charge after a hold-up attempt at U.S. Bank, 1655 N. Main Street.

According to a department release, officers responded to a hold-up alarm at the bank at approximately 1:45 p.m. and established the suspect was still inside. Officers evacuated adjacent businesses and were able to make contact with employees inside the bank. Suspect Crosby was detained without incident.

Police said there were no injuries to employees or customers, no weapons involved, and no loss to the bank. Crosby was ultimately arrested for robbery and was also charged with violating his parole.

He was booked into the Martinez Detention Facility without bail due to the parole hold.


  1. So just to be clear – they’re robbing banks across the street from the police station, in broad daylight? Do I have that part right?

    • Unfortunately the FEDs often hand these off to local DA so even if convicted the prep gets out a lot earlier then if it went thru FED Court. In my experience (retired LE 28yrs) the FEDs tend to only jump on higher profile or multiple cases.

  2. If one can afford to call Walnut Creek home, one ought to consider a zip code downgrade and myriad lifestyle expenses long before resort to a federal felony next to a police station.

    Also, every criminal mastermind lives by the maxim “don’t p**p where you eat.”

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