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Knifing Reported At Concord Home Depot Wednesday


A 19-year-old woman has been detained and Concord police officers have locked down a crime scene at the Home Depot store on Meridian Park Boulevard after a reported stabbing at the store Wednesday.

Details remain sketchy as the incident was only just reported at approximately 6:30pm, although a woman – reportedly with blood on her hands – was taken into custody as she was leaving the area.

Initial reports are that the victim sustained a knife wound to the hand.

Officers said former Home Depot employee Andrea Violeta Villa of Concord was taken into custody while allegedly attempting to leave the area.


  1. What’s going on these days? Attack at Cosco last week, and now Home Depot. Thankfully neither one with guns, but goes to show that people will find some kind of weapon to hurt others. I really think society is regressing not advancing. Maybe we need to analyze why, and maybe we need to consider what new philosophies that we have been embracing now that are bringing this on. ( I have a few in my mind)

  2. The women with blood on her hands was the victim. She was stabbed once in the neck and once in the shoulder. She was stabbed by a former employee at the customer service desk.

  3. Where are the details of persons involved? Are they residents? What are their names? Why is reporting so incomplete?

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