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COSTCO Parking Lot Fight Leaves One Hospitalized Sunday


One man’s apparent impatience with the time another man was taking to vacate a parking space in a store parking lot led to a fight with one man in the hospital and another leaving the scene Sunday.

The altercation was apparently captured by bystanders wielding cameras at the COSTCO location on Fostoria Way. It was not immediately known if anyone moved to stop the battery with a younger man in his 40s allegedly assaulting an older man, the assailant leaving before police arrived.

The incident was reported at approximately 11:24 a.m. Sunday. The older man was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of facial injuries.

Police are reportedly investigating the incident as a felony battery.


  1. A sad commentary, if it is confirmed that bystanders did not intervene, but merely memorialized the incident on their devices. It may not be a complete match to Kitty Genovese incident, but it is our neighborhood. Hope the assailant is apprehended.

    • Still pretty fresh, Jeff, so it remains to be seen if folks came to the rescue. But that was the initial info.

    • Actually my husband was the one who jumped out of the car and broke up the fight. There were people recording and none trying to stop it. It was a sad scene

      • Wow. That goes to Jeff’s observation and concern. Praise to those who don’t suffer the paralysis or indifference of the moment.

      • Jessica thank your husband for his bravery and for not just basically watching.He is an example of what humanity should look like🙏🏼

      • Recording the incident will make it easier to convict, if there is no evidence it becomes a he said he said. Maybe the person recording was a smaller woman so this was all she could to help.

      • Alot less of the time, James.
        I’m one of those people… (and I can’t be the only one)… that if I didn’t go to church, I’d be a real hellion😇. Instead I try to be a peacemaker and blessing out in the world now. And most the time I succeed🌞
        Church is a good influence out there!

        • So, it’s not your church declaring bankruptcy today to slow-walk reconciling with the victims of the church’s predatory behavior? That’s a different church with a different set of prayerfuls? Or not?

          • In polls of religious affiliation among those in prison, Christians are the clear majority, while there are very few atheists.

  2. People have been mistreating each other since the day this country was founded. I have no idea why people are surprised by this event. At least no AK-47 was involved. In this day and age, that’s a win.

    • Don’t just say about “the day this country was founded”…. Name another country that has a better record! You can’t!

      • Slaveholding of humans for profit. Holding women as chattel.
        Wiping out the indigenous “savages” because we are savages and we can.
        That is the beginning of the American story. It’s a pretty low bar. Find a banned book and read it. You have been suckered.
        It is far better to start from a factual basis and know who we are/where we come from.

  3. Old people are slow. That should be punished? If we are lucky, we are all old at some point in time.
    The universe is spinning/has spun off its axis.

  4. Saw the pictures his daughter posted. That guy really did a number on him. HOpe the police catch him.

  5. I wish the headline had not said there was a “fight” which indicates that 2 people were involved. This was an assault and should have read as such.

  6. Pretty sad that there are folks who can take videos, pics with their phones, though they’re not willing to help this poor man being attacked. Pretty pathetic society we’re living in these days..

  7. I have coworkers at Costco that witnessed the “victim” get out of the car and sock the guy in the face after the man found a different parking spot. Employees need to be asked about this because there were definitely witnesses.

    • The victim’s daughter posted on NextDoor that the the DA told her there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute. Sounds like there’s more than one side to the story.

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