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Martinez Man Charged With Gun Possession In A School Zone

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From the Office of the District Attorney:

Martinez, California – The Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office has filed a two-count complaint against a Martinez man for possessing a firearm in a school zone.

Michael Joseph Childressfrey, 23, has an arraignment date set on May 31st for offenses related to an incident that occurred on April 26th at John Swett Elementary School in Martinez. At approximately 1 pm, Martinez Police were dispatched to the school campus to investigate reports of a known adult male who was in the school parking lot. Police were told that the man was not a welcomed presence, and he frequently carries a firearm.

When officers arrived at the school, they approached Childressfrey in a parked vehicle. He was cooperative, and when asked, Childressfrey said he was in possession of a firearm. Law enforcement authorities placed Childressfrey under arrest for gun possession in a school zone and carrying a loaded concealed firearm. Later, police seized two additional weapons from Childressfrey’s residence.

Childressfrey was taken into custody and immediately posted bail before the investigation could be referred for prosecution. While the incident was resolved peacefully, parents and neighbors have expressed their concern over the matter, and that Childressfrey posted monetary bail the day of his arrest.

District Attorney Diana Becton said, “This incident is understandably distressing – my office worked in conjunction with the Martinez Police Department to ensure a swift filing determination. After receiving a request for prosecution from Martinez Police on Friday, the DA’s Office reviewed the case and filed the necessary documents with the court to initiate prosecution on Monday.”


  1. I still don’t get why he would go to an elementary school parking lot, and secondly who called and said he was not a wanted prescence and likely armed? That seems odd to me like we aren’t really getting the full story. Did he have a kid at the school? Was he meeting someone there? Disgruntled X? Is the guy a drug dealer?

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