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Lafayette BevMo Robbed Friday


Two men took liquor from the Beverages and More store at 3590 Mount Diablo Boulevard in Lafayette Sunday, saying they were armed to dissuade employee intervention and escaping in an SUV driven by a third man.

The masked men entered the store at approximately 7:30 p.m. and left with an undetermined amount of alcohol in a white Toyota Venza with paper plates. There were no reported injuries.



    • Never trust a man / woman that doesn’t ever drink, often some seriously psychological problems there they are afraid will come to light.

      • Or they just don’t like how it makes them feel, or are aware of how awful it is for you? Or have been victimized while under the influence in some way? Or grew up around alcoholism so prefer to stay away from it? Etc… etc… So many reasons for someone to not drink other than what you said. Weird thing to judge/not trust people over, bro… lol.

    • Ok, honey. Sure. FYI: Banks get robbed, convenience stores, other businesses etc..etc.. so to equate a crime like this with the business it is would be to have a child’s view of the world.

  1. Remember how these ‘paper plates’ were supposed to solve the problems of criminals running around with just no license plates or just dealer advertising name fillers, and could borrow be traced? Now the crooks are just using their printers to make faux plates. And let’s be honest, these paper plates have so many numbers crammed in on them no one could ever remember what they saw as the vehicle speeds away.

    • Think they just moved up to Benicia since they have those newfangled cars and fancy schmancy paper plates and all…

  2. I think the paper plates are so that they don’t leave a mess in the stolen car. So, no report on what they are drinking? Rum drinks? GnT? I doubt they told their buds that they were driving a white Venza. C’mon.

    • Man, you guys really like to drill down into things…

      Okay, we’re told they got away with cases of nice Sonoma Red, medium body, fine-grained and very silky tannins for a wine almost 10 years of age, bright and transparent acidity and a long, very spicy finish. The thieves, who cannibalized their haul prior to exit, tell us it was like “going back in time and touching an ornate tapestry,” whatever that means.


      • God, how I love to touch ornate tapestry. Going back in time, though, that’s like talking with the wind, and internal decapitation. I stopped doing that for health reasons.

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