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Buick Burns In Caldecott Sunday; Traffic Jam Results


A report of a smoldering Buick LeSabre turned into a report of a burning Buick in Bore 1 of the Caldecott Sunday, forcing the owner to bail out and traffic to a standstill.

The incident was reported at 3:07 p.m., prompting an emergency response from both ends of the tunnel and creating an almost immediate traffic snarl – which evolved into a full closure and declared SigAlert that lasted until 4:48 p.m.

Engine 45 from Orinda was the first fire apparatus on scene and extinguished the car fire. Capt. Michael Lacy told NEWS24/680 that Moraga-Orinda Fire rolled an Engine, Truck and Battalion Chief to the incident, working with the Oakland Fire Battalion Chief to ensure a coordinated effort between the two agencies.

Oakland Fire crews also tended to a youth who suffered an asthma attack during the incident. No other injures were reported.


  1. I was stuck in this mess. I miss the times before Waze when taking Claremont over the hill was a good plan B.

  2. We got off on 13 and honked at the incredibly rude jerks who just wanted to cut in front of others to get a few cars ahead. Audi drivers of course. 13 was fine as we got on 580 to go home the longe way.
    I’m sure nobody had a fire extinguisher and nobody stopped to help the driver of the smoldering car. Our new sniveling spinless society. Uh,Yes. I’ve put out three car fires in my life and have two extinguishers in our car at all times.

  3. I suspect the car tried to commit suicide. I used to own a 1968 Buick Skylark, back when cars had personality and charisma, and now they all look like unhappy shapeless pillows from twenty yards away. I’m glad the car did not take its owners with it.

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