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Pursuit Ends After Car Crashes Into Concord Home Monday


A police pursuit on Port Chicago Highway in Concord ended with the suspect vehicle burrowing into a home at Port Chicago and Gehringer Drive and the occupants attempting to elude police.

That strategy didn’t work as police closed in on the scene. Officers had been actively pursuing the car as it fled east on Port Chicago but had broken off due to safety concerns. It was not immediately known if the pursuit reactivated at the time of the crash.

The incident was reported at approximately 9:45 a.m. It was not immediately known why police were interested in the car or its occupants or what prompted the chase.

An ambulance was called for one suspect injured in the crash who allegedly attempted to flee the scene on foot and who reportedly was attempting to force entry into another home when he was apprehended.

We’ll have more on this story should additional details surface.


    • Don’t think so, Jeff, but we’re really bad on car IDs. There has been a Challenger/Charger ripping around lately, possibly more than one, but we don’t think this was one…

      • I know this is totally going to sound totally judgmental, but certain cars seem to reflect the type of people in them. It seems that Dodge Chargers are driven by tuff types and dare I say criminal types, while Volvos are driven by for more educated liberal types, plus a range of cars & people in between. Then there’s the matter of dark tinted windows and large aftermarket wheels… which also seem to reveal personalities.

        • … not to mention those double entendre personalized plates, “playboy” mud flaps and the biggest tell of all: Fuzzy Dice.

          • Oh, those ‘Fuzzy Dice’…types with their greasy slicked back hair on the guys the hitched up
            poodle skirts on the girls ..hanging around drive-in hamburger joints… definitely up to no good. Oh…and cigarettes! What’s this country coming to! ( hehe -shaboom shaboom)

          • … and that rock ‘n roll music. Um uh, watch out for those Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee fellers…

  1. I was actually in the room where the car hit. sleeping In bed with my two dogs. The car pushed my bed through the wall and somehow I didn’t get hurt and my dogs were fine, other than a scratch my dogs cheek. The ems and police suggested I buy a lottery ticket. Considering my head board was obliterated and my head was actually on the other side of the wall where the car went through I’m very fortunate to be unharmed and alive, even more so my dogs weren’t really hurt and are alive. Worst situation with the best outcome.

    • Hey, Alex, g’morning and we’re glad we’re able to say that to you this morning!

      We figured that had to be a crazy experience for anyone inside the home and your post confirms that.

      Glad you’re okay and we’ll go halfsies on that lotto ticket with you if you want!


  2. Your comment and my comment are both timestamped about 8:34. Yours posted almost immediately. Mine is still withheld. Any reason you care to share? Am I not allowed to state the obvious in my comment?

    • Multi-tasking?

      No being flippant. After many years here we still don’t believe many users fully appreciate how many levers, gears and wheels are in play here at any given moment…

      The Wiz

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