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One Dead, One Wounded In Concord Shooting Tuesday


One person was shot and killed and another seriously wounded after shots were fired in the area of Argyll Avenue and Broadmoor in Concord on Tuesday.

Officers from multiple agencies descended on the scene, establishing a perimeter and conducting a search for the suspects, believed to be a man and woman wearing hoodies and baggy clothing. The incident was reported at approximately 9:55 a.m.

Details of the moments leading up to the shooting were not immediately available as police and detectives attempted to locate witnesses to the crime. The two victims were believed to have each suffered a gunshot wound to the head and one to the stomach, the shots fired from a rifle which may have been passed to a third individual after the crime.

Police are canvassing the area in search of video of the shooting. The primary suspect was initially described as an unknown race male, thin build, 5′ 10″ tall, wearing a puffy jacket over a hoodie, grey pants and red shoes.

His female accomplice was described as white, blond, mid-20s, 5′ 5″ to 5′ 6″ tall, 140 pounds in a creme colored hoodie.


  1. I often joke here on 24/680, and get in trouble with management, but seriously…..no city or area is safe any more. Just this week eight armed robbers in San Ramon, an attempted carjacking during daylight hours in Walnut Creek and now this tragedy in Concord. Please be careful of your surroundings, get some training to what ever level you feel comfortable with and have no faith in your local elected officials. The police do not function as they did twenty years ago, trust me, I rode in a local unit a month ago and have twenty years of experience.

    Firestone 11R

    • Hey, Jeff… yes, we put it down as mortal because we are neither surgeons or coroners and don’t make death determinations, though we recognize it when we see it.

      Appreciate your post, as always.


  2. My advice to fellow liberals: Please PLEASE stop voting for Diana Becton as DA in Contra Costa County. How much worse do things have to get??

    • It’s pretty easy to campaign for Nobody-in-particular and lay all of today’s problems at the feet of today’s leadership, but crime doesn’t have an on and off switch, and we didn’t get here in a day. Bear in mind that the DA she replaced was charged with 13 felonies and plead down to a single perjury felony. That’s not the leadership I’m looking for.

      And these “anti Soros-DA”, billionaire Jew, dog-whistle campaigns that are so, so MAGA-popular are appalling.

      • Sorry David… all these liberal social experiments are not working. I agree with Paul C. I used to be a liberal, but I’m smart enough to see when things are not working , and a course correction is needed, not steppi g up even more of the same. That’s insanity.

  3. Anybody with a working brain can see where this is going. Stay alert. Train in self-defense and weapons. Horde, guns, and ammo. Consider getting a set of cameras outside your house. Alarm systems on everything. Don’t trust anyone. The police do not deserve any faith whatsoever. We’re in the wild west people.

    • Didn’t want to interrupt your Walking Dead refresher course but it’s H-O-A-R-D. Unless you want a horde coming after your guns and ammo.

    • Now, Heavy D…. I got to kinda try to counter some of that pessimism too… we still have to trust, we still need to be optimistic. and I don’t think we should hoard guns… but we need to call these crazy social reformers both in public office and in the media on the failures of what they’re trying to do..and vote accordingly. We are way headed in the wrong direction, and this tolerance of crime and criminals is not good for either the society or the criminals. We got to bring some common sense back to things and get off of this ‘woke’ but blind bandwagon.

    • Heavy D,

      The police still do a good job, they would love to do a better job but elected liberals at every level of government have the handcuffs on them. They about to take away the use of police dogs in the arrest of suspects.

      Firestone 11R

  4. There was a time when bad guys wouldn’t step foot in areas with heavy police presence, attentive citizens and conviction rates were high. That doesn’t stop them any more because our justice system is a joke. The loud mouth liberals get there way because conservatives don’t like to act out.

    • “Conservatives don’t like to act out?”

      The Right Wing hallucination continues I see. Now maybe we can return to some rational thought and comments on the murder in question.

    • “Their” way. Do you expect to be taken seriously, when you don’t know elementary school grammar? Their, there, they’re. That’s only three words you need to learn and master, pull up your big boy pants!

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